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Windows 11 and GSAK


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33 minutes ago, patsu said:

Any body know if windows 11 can play nice with GSAK?


Good question, and I would be interested in hearing of anyone's experiences with this as well.  I haven't yet upgraded to Windows 11 - there are several of the changes I'm not quite ready for, I think! (getting set in my ways as I get older!)  Thanks to anyone who can share how Windows 11 plays with GSAK!!

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37 minutes ago, patsu said:

Any body know if windows 11 can play nice with GSAK?

I think, that it cannot be even launched as I know, on website https://gsak.net/index.php is written that it is supported Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, with XP and below not supported. So I understand it like this. But I think that it is possible to launch and run without any difficulties. But be careful. But I am glad that you are giving questions like this. I would also like to launch it on Windows 11.

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Posted (edited)

I know this is an old thread that's been brought back to life but I'll go ahead and chime in right quick since I'm here. I have no trouble at all using GSAK on my desktop running Windows 11. Just used it yesterday to filter for caches I thought would be more to my liking. Will admit, I haven't ran a macro in a long time or gotten into the more advanced stuff GSAK can do. Pretty basic here, load query, sort caches, and download to the old Garmin..

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