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Ads - Get rid of them.

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The cache page ads are becoming increasingly annoying. Not only are they extending further and further out into the background image, they now update every minute, causing everything below in that column to jump up and back down again. Infuriating if you're just clicking on a link in Trackables or Bookmark Lists when that happens.




The annimated ones are particularly annoying when trying to concentrate on the content of the cache page. I'd happily pay more for PM to get rid of them.

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As aggravation as they are in almost any screen you look at on the web, the ads pay for a lot we do not have to. If the ads were not there we would be charged more to keep the website and all associated items running. Just like magazines, my brother complained about all the ads in Outdoor Life many years ago, but would not accept the fact that the ads kept the subscription price lower than it could have been. Saying that I hate them also, and added costs to keep them off may make me stop geocaching.

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3 hours ago, Jayeffel said:

If the ads were not there we would be charged more to keep the website and all associated items running. 


That's why I'm asking (it wasn't sarcasm).
How much Do I have to pay to get rid of this stuff?

Ad revenues won't be more than a few cents per registered user.

Premium subscription without this annoying ads/cookie/tracking stuff for a few dollars more? DEAL!


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They must be targeting geographic areas - in which case it works out well to be visiting a US website from Oz. I don't see any ads on the forum and only a small, unobtrusive ad to the side - offering geocaching premium. I don't have an adblocker installed, unless there's a built-in one I don't know about, and I'm using MS Edge so I doubt it.

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On 10/20/2022 at 10:36 PM, RCH65 said:



It would be advisable to do something about this type of advertising. The first ad is disgusting, but the second is really dangerous.


Back in August, one older player asked us (we're just a geocaching blog and e-shop, but players often write to us with common questions about the game) how to get Signal the Frog moving in Signal's Labyrinth. There was a big green start button next to the maze, in the same white frame, so he clicked it, thinking that the frog would show him his progress through the maze in the animation, or that he would be allowed to control the frog with the arrow keys and get some bonus points for successfully completing the virtual maze. Instead of an animation, however, he was met with a kind of payment gateway that asked for his credit card number. He thought to himself: Could Signal's Labyrinth be a paid feature? Fortunately, he asked us at that moment and we stopped him just in time.


We can tell ourselves that this was an isolated incident, and all the players are smart (and English-speaking) enough to not enter their card details. But it's the end of October and I keep seeing that ad. So I'm afraid the advertiser has some money from this ad.



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