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Power trail , 100 caches in 24 hrs

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I assume the same way that someone would log any Challenge cache?


For example, near where I live there is GC49ME7, which is a "Log 28 Caches in one day" challenge. The Challenge page should state how to log. Some Challenges will require the finder to list all their qualifying caches in their find log, some will want a screenshot from a stats screen, the one I linked to just asks for the finder to record their best day in their log. "Proving" that you found 100 in a day is easier with challenge checkers or Project-GC than it used to be.


If you look at the "find 100 in a day" Challenge page, it should tell you how to log.


Unless you got the challenge from somewhere else, or from a person? A personal challenge like that could be something you could put on your profile page.

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If it's a challenge published after April 2015, it will have a challenge checker and, if the checker says you qualify, there's no need to document your qualification in your log. From the Help Centre:


  • For cache pages published after April 21, 2015 with a challenge checker, the owner can confirm the finder's qualification with the checker when the cache is logged as found. No further documentation is required from the finder.


If it's an older challenge, take a look on the Project GC Challenge Checker page and put the GC code into the checker search. A lot of the older challenge caches have had checkers written for them even if there's no link to it on the cache page. If a checker exists and it says you qualify, you can just copy the text from the Example Log panel and paste it into your log, for example:



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