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Maintaining/Enhancing Caches Instead of Starting New Ones.

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We carefully constructed a series of caches (5) that are each part of an ongoing story.  Four can be found independently but information from the four must be found before finding the fifth. The creation was so much fun and so well liked that we were tempted to start a new series.  But we have opted out for the pleasures that are also associated with maintaining/enhancing the exiting series.  We found that keeping 5 caches in good shape was plenty time consuming.  Also enhancing the caches and the cache location environment to add to the backstory was better for us and the finders than adding more caches.  Quality not Quantity was the right tactic for us. 


For example, the original caches were housed in a solar-powered yard lights and the light would glow at night indicating the actual location near the coords. Cool idea but a maintenance  nightmare.  The caches leaked and the battery recharge was iffy depending on seasonal shade.  The upgrade evolved to cedar birdhouses housing LocknLock containers.  The new houses have numerous Birds Eye reflectors which light up when a flashlight is  directed along the bearing line included in the description and this technique allowed us to keep the theme used in the Fairy Light series! The caches evolved to more secure and more fun to find with much less maintenance.  Plenty of other enhancements as well including special laser-cut Geocoins for each cache.


If we had moved on to creating more caches, I think we would have reached a point of not being able to enjoy and support/enhance the original caches.


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I first started geocaching in 2008, but life got in the way and there was a hiatus of about 11 years until I came back. I started again this year and along with rediscovering the thrill of finding them, I found the thrill of the hide as well.

I currently have two active ones and three new ones in the making. But as much fun as it has been coming up with new concepts that will reward the player for coming to visit, I am also quickly coming to the conclusion that I need to rein in that enthusiasm or else I will soon have much more than I can handle on my plate.

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Well, first of all, thank you very much. I love these kinds of series which clear themes and interdependencies, and I'm always impressed by the effort that goes into creating and maintaining them.


My main reaction to your point is that you should choose to do what you consider the most fun for you. If you enjoyed setting this up and you think it would be less fun to have to deal with another series, then that's fine with me! If you stop having fun because you hide a second series, the community would likely lose both series.


On the other hand, just in case this kind of thinking encourages you, what you're describing here sounds like development, rejecting things that are hard to maintain and improving security, for example. You might find the time comes when you've perfected this series and it requires very little maintenance, possibly just visiting it once in a while to enjoy it yourself while you check to make sure it's all in good working order. At that time, you might, if it sounds like fun, consider developing a second series using what you learned from the first one, either specific techniques or general approaches, to do an additional series which you could then develop into a second perfect series. And so on. Just a thought!

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