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Oregon 650t; no round up to miles?

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This is a very random question. I have an Oregon 650t. Is there a way to set the device to show distance to destination are purely feet, and not round up to miles? So, it would show "528 feet", not ".1 miles". I've dug around the system settings, and it doesn't appear so, but I thought you knowledgeable folks might know. 

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Consider if this might be the reason why they haven't bothered to change.

Think outside the box.....

Change your distance units to "yards"........then think each pace / step is approx. 1 yard........  It then switches a to decimal miles at 1 mile

This is also why using UTM coordinates  is most useful.

Each pace is approx. 1 number on the last  digit in the coordinate....either more East or less East, or More North or less North to get to your desired destination.

Your brain doesn't function in degrees, minutes,seconds or decimal.....it works with distance to or from an object.



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