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SF Area day-hike caches

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Can anyone out there point me to some caches that require at least a couple of miles of hiking to get to? I'm looking for something well off the asphalt path, but something I can get to and back within a day. (Even if it's a full one.)


Any ideas? I'm new to this, but have been looking for the excuse to go exploring Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo, and other local hiking destinations.



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In addition to Mt. Diablo; Las Trampas, Briones & Sunol are terrific day hiking parks. All have an abundance of caches at various difficulty levels.


A little futher east, Morgan Territory and Round Valley also are a couple of my favorites. Both have at least 4-6 caches available.


The great thing about living in the Bay Area is all of the great hiking parks. All of which have lots of caches available.




Will cache for food

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If you're brave, you can head for Mississipi Lake at Henry W. Coe State Park. It's about 11 miles each way no matter which entance you take. Really brutal this time of year. Too Hot! Wait until fall. It's some really pretty, rugged country.

It's on my list of closest caches but it would be an all day adventure bike ride to do it.




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Yolanda Trail / Picnic Rock GC78B1 This was a easyer hike than I thought it would be. I did do the shorter hike it was only about 3/4 of a mile to this cache and also cought and Holding tank on Baldy GC6533 caches, THE BALD HILL!!!!!! GC19EA that made a round trip of 5.5 miles. I left the Terriermon travel bug in the Yolanda, you can catch the Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge GC4C4D on you way over also. This will get you busy.

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Check out the parks and open space preserves on the penninsula. There are day-hike caches of varying lengths in just about all of them.


My favorite is _All that Jazz_ which is about a six mile round trip, mostly in shade. You can make a longer hike out of it by making it a loop, as I did.


I know that there are nice hikes in Saint Joseph Hill, Rancho San Antonio, Monte Bello, Purisima Creek, and Phelegar Estate.

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There are a handful of caches in Almaden Quicksilver park that required a decent hike in. Be sure to pop in to the free museum if you're down that way, lots of neat quicksilver mining info. Also, don't forget the two caches in Sierra Azul Open Space (4.1 miles to the top, all uphill, from the Kennedy Road trailhead).

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