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Geo Elmo Geocaching trackable geocoin available

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Hi all,


For those of you interested, I've launched my first ever Geo Elmo Geocaching trackable geocoin campaign today. 


There are three different versions available: regular, glitter, and glow in the dark.







Some information:

* The link has a lots of information, including describing the coin, the project timeline, etc.

* I'm running this as a Kickstarter campaign, which will run from today (Oct 10th) for three weeks (Oct 31st)

* I've been working with designer Chris Mackey and coin production company Oakcoins on this project

* Kickstarter is a fundraising campaign where backers pledge money to bring a project to life, and choose their rewards

* If the fundraising goal is met at the deadline, pledges are collected, I have the coins produced, and ship the rewards to those that backed the campaign

* If the fundraising goal is not met at the deadline, no pledges are collected, and I don't produce any coins


Please click the link for information, and let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you!


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This geocoin Kickstarter campaign is just about 55% funded with just under two weeks remaining in the fundraising campaign.  Please consider contributing!  Here is the link:




Some highlight reminders:

  • This Kickstarter is being used to raise the funds to create the coin; I've had samples made already, which can be seen through the link above
  • With Kickstarter, you (hopefully, as a backer) pledge money to contribute to the campaign, and choose your reward, which is a geocoin or geocoins once they're produced; it's sort of like a pre-sale
  • If the fundraising goal is met by the deadline, pledges are collected from backers, I have the coins produced, and then send them to those that backed the campaign
  • If the fundraising goal is NOT met by the deadline, no pledges are collected from backers, and the coin isn't produced
  • If the goal is met early, the campaign continues until the deadline, as more people can get in on the campaign


Please consider participating, and please share the link with anyone you think would be interested!  Thank you!  

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This geocoin Kickstarter is now open to international (US and non-US) backers.  Interested in a great geocoin, or two, or three?   Please click the link and make your pledge!


This Kickstarter ends Sunday, October 31st, noon eastern time.




If you have any questions please let me know.  Thanks!

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15 hours ago, Unit473L said:

That's great! Hopefully postage doesn't deter people too much, but opening it up to more people should help. I know these Kickstarter projects can all be a bit hit and miss - fingers crossed you reach your targets!


Thank you!  I'm so close to hitting my goal but the campaign has stalled a bit.  If you know any social media groups or geo-friends that might be interested, please share the link with them!  Kickstarter is all or nothing so if I don't reach my goal, the coin project comes to a halt.

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For anyone interested, my Kickstarter completed yesterday.  It wound up being 132% funded, with 74 backers earning around 160 geocoins in rewards. 


Some post-campaign fun facts:

  • My original plan was to create 200 geocoins from this fundraiser, but I'll order between 250-300 to start,
  • I originally expected the most popular funding level to be the cheapest, $12 for a regular edition coin with no shipping.  Instead, around 50% of the pledges were for the three geocoin reward, which was my most expensive pledge level.  Looks like collections trump price.
  • Just under 25% of the pledges were for a single regular geocoin, and the same for a single glitter geocoin.  The regular / glitter combo was only 4% of all pledges.
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I received my geocoins from the mint and they turned out fantastic!  Thank you to Chris Mackey for the design and Oakcoins for the production of these coins.  If anyone is interested in these please let me know.  The prices are the same as during the Kickstarter campaign:

1) One regular geocoin: $12 USD + shipping (12 remaining)
2) One glitter geocoin: $15 USD + shipping (11 remaining)
3) One regular + one glitter + one glow: $45 USD + shipping (25 remaining - this package was the most popular during the Kickstarter campaign)

Here is a video showing the coins from when I received the packages from the mint.  

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks to those of you in this group who supported my Kickstarter campaign, I appreciate it!  It's so cool to see an idea come to life.


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27 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

My coin arrived. It looks great! I think the film reel side is fantastic!


Hooray!  They're starting to get to their destinations!  I've shipped all but three, I had to learn about some customs rules and numbers and such first.  (I learn a lot through geocaching :-D).  Glad you like it!  Thanks for letting me know, and for supporting my Kickstarter campaign!  This has been in the works since February!  It's nice to see this idea become a reality.

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