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Does anyone have experience with the Juniper systems Geode sub-meter receiver? Will it produce files that can be uploaded to OPUS? A bit out of my price range (well, quite a bit) but if a used one came on the market for under 1K I'd give it serious thought.

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The web site says:

"Receiver Type: GNSS single frequency with carrier phase tracking"


OPUS requires L1/L2 dual frequency reception. 


Some other post-processing software will take L1 only with phase tracking data. I'm not sure if this unit can provide the individual satellite raw data needed for this, as I'm not familiar with the interface formats the product sheet mentions.

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Thanks, I should have noticed that. I knew that OPUS files record phase information for both L1 and L2. 


I wonder why tracking the L2 phase in addition to L1 makes units so much more expensive. Maybe the hard part is the logic needed to compute the ionospheric delay from the difference in phase lags, but surely there's just a formula for that. 


Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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