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How to Subtract Coordinates

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I have been geocaching for a while and I enjoy it very much. However, I need some help in subtracting coordinates in one of the stages of a multi cache. The numbers below are randomly made up ( not the real cache coordinates), numbers or word on a sign.

(1) I have no problem subtracting from the North portion of the coordinates but for the West , I am confused.

W 73  36.041


For example: find a sign with the number, xxx. I found xxx=886. Then I need to subtract xxx from the original West coordinate . How do I do this ?


(2) How to numerically root each letter of the first word ? Is this referring to digital roots ?

For example: How do I digital root the word: Surprise


Thank you in advance for all your help, :)





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1 hour ago, java888 said:

How do I do this ?


This is a good example of geomath.


Enter 36041-886 on the calculator to get result 35155. Finish the result by adding degrees and decimal point = W 73 35.155


The actual calculation was  W 73°  36.041' - 0.886'  but in geomath we use some shortcuts you need to guess correcly.




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3 hours ago, java888 said:

Thank you arisoft for answering my questions. I hope this post will help others like me who are not familiar with basic geomath.  This will help me to find/solve more multi or mystery caches.  Thanks, Java888 :)


There is absolutely no standard for subtracting coordinates.  If the math is the whole puzzle, the idea is that you figure it out yourself.  If the math is not the puzzle, and it's just not clearly explained, then please help everyone and ask the Cache Owner to add more info to the cache description.  And mention the issue in a cache log.

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