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Strange votes

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Do you really know what happened when you vote Abstain ?

I take an example, you have 4 officers in a category A, B, C and D

A decide to demote B

A vote Yea

B can not vote

C vote Abstain

D vote Abstain


In a logical world you have 33% Yea vote and 66% Abstain vote, and B is not demoted


In a Waymarking world, you have 100% Yea vote and B is demoted


Abstain vote does not count, not even for a vote :sad:

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All these votes lately are crazy. The Waymarking algorithm tends to favor yea than nay for some reason, and this has been an issue for as along as I can remember. Likely because of the "abstain" which should be counted as neither yea nor nay, isn't.

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