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Replacing disabled geocache

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Hello, I am a park ranger at a State Park In Texas. In our park we have 4 geocaches. I noticed that one of the caches was disabled by the original moderator, not us (the park) It was a very popular cache and in a good area. I have tried reaching out to the original owner but they have not replied. I want to replace it myself and moderate it but when I start the process, there is a red circle preventing me from doing so but the cache is no longer there. Any advice on this?

Screenshot 2021-09-17 142354.png

Screenshot 2021-09-17 142430.png

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A cache that is disabled is not permanently out of play. The cache owner could fix it up and re-enable it. (It doesn't appear that they will from the last log, though.)


Since you are a Premium Member, you can "watch" the cache listing. Then when the cache is archived, you can place your own there and submit a new listing.


I personally would be hesitant to log a "Needs Archived" on it, to flag the reviewer to the issue, at this point. But I'd not be averse to contacting the reviewer for the area and seeing if they'd post a reviewer note to start the ball rolling on archival.


Hope this makes sense. :ph34r:

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The cache owner has logged on recently. You could attempt to reach that owner through the site.  They can transfer ownership of the existing cache page to you. ONLY the owner can do that.


The page is self explanatory. IF you can get the cache owner to respond, they can make the transfer.  If not, then working through a reviewer to have this archived (permanently retired) and then place your own is the other way to go.

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34 minutes ago, TriciaG said:

Since you are a Premium Member, you can "watch" the cache listing.

Then when the cache is archived, you can place your own there and submit a new listing.


When did you need to be a PM to use the watchlist ?  When basic, we've used the watchlist, since we no longer had bookmarks. 


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I see the cache was disabled by the owner, and has had a note placed by the Reviewer. The CO (cache owner) has since (on 9/28) placed a note seemingly indicating they will replace/repair the container. It is reasonable to expect the cache to be fixed within a month or so.


Does your State Park have a Geocache Placement policy in place? My local State Park (Martin Creek Lake SP) requires a permit to be on file (free of charge and basically little more than a description of the cache, location placed, and owner contact information).

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The cache is now enabled, and apparently in play.  Is it actually in place?  It seems it must be, there have been consistent finds up until it was disabled, a reveiwer note, and then enabled again.  @Sydneyapple96, I would go visit the cache location; if it is still there and in good shape, do nothing with it as it is there to be found and logged.  If it's not, and you want ot manage it, request that the original CO adopt it over to you, and then you can replace the container, and do other maintenance as needed as it will be YOUR cache.


The other option is to to have the original CO archive it, and then you can use the spot to create a new cache inthe same location.  Either way seems doable, now that the original CO seems to be responding to notes.

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