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search in database for archived caches by map

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4 hours ago, funduscom said:

I lost the cache numbers we logged on July, 31 this year in Ellerndorfer Wacholderheide

You should find the codes either in file "geocaches_visits.txt"  or in file "geocaches_visits.xml".

Both are created in folder: GARMIN unit:/Garmin/



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Using the instructions that @thebruce0provided to show archived caches...


There are only four current / archived caches:

https://coord.info/GC32X7N - archived 2011

https://coord.info/GCN95K - archived 2013

https://coord.info/GC464YA - archived 2015

https://coord.info/GC7FNAB - active




As I mentioned above, my guess if that you completed the active multicache, which has 7 stages which takes you all over that park.





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