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Message Center: Deleted message marks Message Center and thread unread eternally


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Someone sent me some messages via the Message Center and deleted one of them before I was able to read it. That was about two weeks ago and since then the message center icon has that yellow overlay indicating unread messages and so does the chat with the user.


I guess the deleted message is not really deleted but archived and the query used to determine if there are unread messages doesn't honour the "archived"-flag.

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5 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

The trash icon is on your messages.

Funny,  I hadn't seen that before, but yes, there it is.  It doesn't remove the other person's replies though, only your own, though apparently it removes your replies from the entire conversation on both ends.


Back to the OP's question - if you or the other party delete a message before it is read, it seems to get caught in a limbo and shows as unread for you.  Have you tried logging out and back in to see of that clears it up?

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Had the same issue two days ago. Today I solved it by sending the message to the account that sent me the message and the yellow dot marker vanished.

Existence of the problem is annoying, but it can be solved this way locally until it's properly fixed on higher level.

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