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California Geocoin Order Time


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It is time to officially start taking orders. I have already paid Pressed Metal for the tooling and die-cast so there is not turning back now.


The California Geocoin will be $3 each.



This is the gray scale version we sent to Pressed Metal so they can make the die-cast.



Same version as the one above, but just embossed so you can get a little better idea what the Geocoin will look lke when minted.




This Gocoin is being sold just at cost, NO one (Groundspeak or myself) will making any profit from the sale of this Geocoin. Shipping to your house will be extra (depending on how many Geocoins ordered). There will also be an option to pick up your Geocoin at a designated pick up spot in many of the major cities in California. If you choose this option, then there will be NO shipping charge.


Go to: www.calif.gecoin.net to our own web site (thanks Marky). The other side of the Geocoin will be the Groundspeak logo (just like the USA and Oregon Geocoins). Each Geocoin will have a tracking number on it so it can be tracked on the this geocoin's own web site (it won't be Geocaching.com - Groundspeak said no to that).


Click on this link to download the order form: Ca. Order Form.doc


This order form is for people who will want to pay by check or money order. We hope (and I mean hope, its not definite) to have a PayPal option up at www.calif.Geocoin.net very soon. Though if you choose to order your Geocoin with PayPal, then there will be a additional .10 to .15 cent charge per Geocoin in order to cover the cost of using PayPal.


The deadline to place orders will be Dec. 15, 2003. Assuming we have enough orders by then (we need about 500 orders for Geocoins to break even), then we will place an order for X amount of Geocoins shortly after Jan. 1, 2004. We then hope to start distributing them at the end of January or early February, 2004.


I hope to receive you order soon.



If you can't open the word document, then please include the following information and then send it to me in the mail (snail mail that is):


- Full Name:

- Geocaching.com Name:

- Street Address:

- City, State, & Zip code:


- Email Address:

- Phone Number (easiest one to reach you):


- Number of Geocoins wanted: _____ x $3 each = Total: _________


Choose a shipping option:


- Free, if your are willing to pick up your Geocoins at one of these distribution cities at a specific date & time: San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Santa Cruz , San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, or Eureka.


- Extra charge if you want your Geocoins shipped to a specific address via U.S. Priority Mail. Note the shipping rates listed below are the U.S. Priority mail rates for a 1, 2, or 3 lbs. package + an additional .25 to cover the cost of a bubble envelop.

- 1 to 15 Geocoins ordered - $4.15

- 16 to 30 Geocoins ordered - $6.00

- 31 to 45 Geocoins ordered - $8.80

- 46 or more Geocoins ordered (email me at bobkat92@AOL.Com for a specific price)


Total Enclosed:


total Geocoins ordered x $3 each + shipping option = __________________


Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to: "Robert Meehan Jr."


Mail Orders to: Bob Meehan, 3501 Pomeroy St., San Diego, CA. 92123


Order deadline will be December 15, 2003.

Distribution of these Geocoins will be in late January or early February, 2004.


Note: Checks & Money Orders will NOT be cashed until after January 1, 2004.


*** When mailing this order form to me, please also send me an email to: BobKat92@AOL.Com to let me know that it is coming.


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I don't know if it's me or my computer, but I couldn't open that .doc file. I ended up printing it out and will fill it out by hand and mail it in tommorrow with a check.


Thanks Bobkat!


Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. The rest go geocaching.

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My order is submitted and payment's in the mail. No problems with the order form. There was no local distribution point (unless I drive 2 hours RT) so I gladly added the S&H.


Thanks BobKat for all the hours of work that you've been putting in on this project. The coin looks great and the price is better than feared.


Bill of Green Achers


''I want to know how God created this world.  I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element.  I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details." -- Albert Einstein

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Is anyone having any success downloading & opening the order form?


I have heard from a few people saying they could not get it to work. Though I just tried it my self and it worked just fine.


I did upload the file from from my Macintosh (I know, I am so in the minority). I am wondering if that is the problem. Though Steve, from the Dillon Gang, did the final file edits on the order form document and then sent it to me via email. I know he did his version on a Windows based version of MicroSoft word. I then immediately uploaded it. Anyway, if I understand MicroSoft Word correctly, if you put .doc on the end of a file name, it should be able to be opened across platforms.


Please give me some feedback if you got the order form to work or not.


I will also work with Marky to see if we can get the file into a .pdf format.

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Try this order form. Its in a pdf format.


Click on this link to down load it:

California Geocoin Order Form in pdf format


Thanks Martyt27 for making the pdf file and emailing it to me.


- Bob M.


p.s., To open the file, you will need "Acrobat Reader". This is a fairly common application that is on most computer (including most Windows and Macintosh platforms). If for some reason don't have "Acrobat Reader", click on this link for a free downlaod. Download a Free Version of Acrobat Reader


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To date, I have received orders in the mail (along with a check or money order) for 70 California Geocoins. That is not bad considering it was just the first week of ordering and especially since life has been less then normal in Southern California this past week with all the wild fires.


To place this order, we need to get an order of 500.


I have received a lot emails from people indicating they want to order this Geecoin. So please mail me your order ASAP.


Click on this link to down load the order form:

Califorina Geocoin Order Form in pdf format


About once a week (usually Sunday or Monday), I will post an update on the the order total.

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With the forums down for 9 days, the number Geocoins orders I have been receviing has also slowed.


To date, I have received orders for 228 Geocoins. The goal is 500. The deadline is Dec. 15, 2003.


I have decided NOT to do the PayPal option. It was just going to be too complicated to incorporate the shipping & pick up option with paying on-line via PayPal. However, if enough people (at least 20) tell me that they really really want the PayPal option and will likely not order any Geocoins without it, I will reconsider setting up PayPal option. My guess is that to most pepole it is not a big deal either way.


So use the PDF order form file (from the earlier posts) and send me your check or money order ASAP

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Here it is, the real minted California Geocoin!


I just got this minted Sample from Pressed Metal.


The color will be a bright brass color. In the scanned image below, the back ground looks black. That is not really the case. That is just how it scanned (refectecting from the scanner lights). The whole Geocoin is really a shinny brass color. I will try to play around with a digital camera this weekend to get a better image.


The size below was scanned at 200%. The actual Geocoin is 1.5 inches in diameter.




To date, I have received actual orders for 238 Geocoins. The goal is 500. The deadline for ordering is Dec. 15, 2003.


I have decided NOT to set up a PayPal account, so you can only pay via a personal check or a money order.


Please get your orders into me ASAP.


California Geocoin Order Form in pdf format

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Here are some more images of the Geocoin that I scanned. I bumped up the resolution and size.


Steve (from the Dillon Gang) & I tried to take a picture of the Geocoin with digital camera, but the image really was not any better then the scanner.


The size below was scanned at 300%. The actual Geocoin is 1.5 inches in diameter.






Since I posted the image of the actual Geocoin, I have received another 105 orders in the mail. That brings the total to 343. I have received emails indicating that at least another 25 are on their way. So we are slowly but surely getting closer to the goal of 500.


Remember, I am only taking orders via check or money order. There will be NO payment option via on-line (e.g., PayPal).

Please get your orders into me ASAP.


California Geocoin Order Form in pdf format

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Its been a good week of ordering the California Geocoin. This week I have received orders for 155 Geocoins.


That makes the total 393 (as of 11/30/03). I have received two emails saying more is on the way. The goal is to get 500 Geocoins ordered.


The deadline is Dec. 15, 2003.


So get your orders into me ASAP. Remember you can only orders these Geocoins by paying by check or money order. I am NOT doing the pay via the PayPal option.


California Geocoin Order Form in pdf format

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I also posted the Geocoin Order on the General Forum (to let people know about the Geocoin, but who do not read the West -Southwest forum board).


I guess the the Admin, that lives in the state that has a city with the nick name Mile High (not mentioning any names), did not like me double posting. He pulled my post and gave me a warning.


So now I have 10% of my warning meter. What happens if I go to 100%?


Anyway, I received another order for 15 more Geocoins. We are now up to 408. I think at least 2 or 3 more orders are on their way.

Edited by Bobkat92
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I think since you are making the coins available for everyone that a post should be allowed in the General Forum. It was because of one of your first posts in the there that I found out about the order form here.


If you were limiting your orders to people with California addresses, I could see why it would only be in a regional forum.


I should probably be looking for a warning to come my way for posting a discenting opinion. Oh well, I don't post here that often, and they can't block me from lurking.


BTW, if it gets close to crunch time, and you're a couple of coins short, I'll put in a second order.


Bobkat, thanks again for the opportunity to get these coins. I think you've done a wonderful job on the design, and I can't wait to get them in the mail.

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Amazingly, I have yet to send in my order. Joani would say that was pretty typical... :P I'm not sure how many I want for myself, but if it comes down to it, I'm willing to front the money for however many that we are short, as I'm certain that people will wish to purchase them after the 15th (especially after they see some in caches).


The latest images are posted on the California Geocoin Site along with some other info that Bobkat gave me.


Also, since I'm going to be building the tracking site, I might as well ask what people might want in the way of tracking, coin pages, etc. My thoughts on individual, customizable, coin pages aren't really necessary, since every coin is the same. I suppose there could be an owner's comment section that could have goals. I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions.



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:huh: Could I post in the main forums for you? Since I am a different person, maybe it would not be a doulbe post. Especially if I just mention it?


Here goes nothing... ;)

Another Geocacher already did that two days ago. It stayed up there for about a day, then it was moved. For some reason or another, the Co. Admin. thinks this whole CA. Geocoin drive is strictly just a California thing. Even though I have received orders from Washington, R.I., Virginia, and Texas. I suspect he will move Nscaler's post too (though hopefully it can stay up for a few hours).


I also suspect I will get another warning for posting this. I am at 10% now. What happens if I go to 100%? If I promise to be good, will my warning meter eventually go down?


And for some odd reason or another, I yet to received the Co. Admin.'s Geocoin orders.


This week, I have received orders for another 88 Geocoins (so far). That brings the total up to 481.

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Ya, I saw that post too. I wonder how long it will stay before CO_Admin sees it :unsure: Did you get any hits on your Warn Meter?


Hey, I found another problem. Check out this topic on the Benchmark Forum:


Center Population Project


And then check out this website linked from the discussion:


Center of Population Project


Man, we got the little flag on the coin in the wrong spot! Oh well. I still love the coins just the way they are :rolleyes:

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Ya, I saw that post too.  I wonder how long it will stay before CO_Admin sees it ;)  Did you get any hits on your Warn Meter?


Hey, I found another problem.  Check out this topic on the Benchmark Forum:


Man, we got the little flag on the coin in the wrong spot!  Oh well.  I still love the coins just the way they are :)


Snide of cute as you think they are.


the guidelines state:

Personal Attacks and Flames will not be tolerated. If you want to praise or criticize, give examples as to why it is good or bad, general attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated.


Yup, now I am at 20%. I just can't follow the rules and I am a teacher too. This post will probably get me another 20%. I promise (really this time) to stop. Just had to get one more line in. I love you Rocky Mountain Guy!


And I think the Population Center thread is actually talking about population. The flag on the Geocoin is the Geographical center of Califronia We did some reseacrch on this, I pretty sure its right.

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(off topic) Doesn't everyone click on the 'View New Posts' link at the top of the page? I find that is the best way to see what has been posted since I last logged on, and it will also show all forums. Maybe the crossposting is an issue because of this, since you don't have to explictly search through all the forums by clicking on each link. Or maybe everyone does not do this.


(on topic) 19 more to go to reach 500! And then we have to wait until next year!

I am psyched for these. Very nice job in the design, and nice job putting this whole thing together.

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Center Population Project


And then check out this website linked from the discussion:


Center of Population Project


Man, we got the little flag on the coin in the wrong spot! Oh well. I still love the coins just the way they are :P

our flag is at approximately the GEOGRAPHICAL center of California. the center of population project measures the center of the states HUMAN poupulation, which i gather is somewhere near los angeles.

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