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Ad Lab bug

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Apologies if this has already been noted, but it's a new one on me.

Next week I am going to Lincoln (England) where there are six Ad Labs in the city centre. I have not started any of them. 

I was checking the app yesterday and looked at Lincoln, and saw that there were now only five. Okay, I thought, maybe one has been deleted. I also checked on nearby Newark, where there are two Ad Labs, but only one appeared.

Today I went back to the app, but this time I unchecked "Hide Completed" in my Profile Settings. And now there were six in Lincoln again, and two in Newark. I have had a play around, and I have been able to replicate this several times. 


The problem is that this means that I effectively cannot hide my completed labs, as I don't know what else I may be hiding.

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I've had this happen too. Was standing right at the coords for a lab and it wasn't showing on my app. I only knew it was there because it was showing on cachly. Changed to "Show Completed" and it appeared. I hadn't even ever opened it before so it has nothing to do with whether I started it or not. I didn't do the lab due to both time constraint and lack of interest since the API was shut down. But nevertheless, the bug still showed itself.

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