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How do I change my home location..

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I offer the link directly to the home location module, but knowing how to get there is useful, per Max and 99's post above. 


There are couple of places where you can edit your account settings.  If you're going to  own a cache, also check those account settings for the email address that you gave Geocaching.com. Often people use a throwaway address, checking it only for the initial verification code.   All logs on your cache will be sent to the email address on your account.  It needs to work, you need to check it, and it needs to not treat email from Geocaching.com as spam.


Good luck with the new hide! and thanks for being a hider. 

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4 hours ago, ColbyNeron said:

My home location must be wrong because I live near a cache that I placed but it’s saying I’m over 100 miles away from it

Since you found your very first geocache just a few days ago please be sure you read the Help Center before hiding your first one:

5.1. Hide your first geocache

Hiding a geocache is a big milestone for any geocacher. Before hiding your first cache, we encourage you to find at least 20 geocaches. Finding a variety of caches makes it easier to create an enjoyable experience for others. To find caches, be sure to download the Geocaching® app or search our online map.

After checking out the gameboard, learn more about hiding caches:

Once you have found a variety of caches and have a unique location in mind, you can create a cache page on Geocaching.com. NOTE: you cannot create a cache page using the Geocaching® app. For more information about submitting a cache, see our Help Center.

A local community volunteer reviewer will review your cache page before they publish it.

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