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how do I archive a category


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If the category is in the public directory and has entries, there is no way to remove it - at least for us normal users. A (database) admin may remove it, but surely he won't do it if not forced by legal reasons.


So: as Max and 99 pointed out: WHY do you want to delete a category?

And the second interesting question would be: WHAT is the offending category?

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5 hours ago, Thot said:

I would like to have no additional waymarks added to the category.

Is it one of these?

    Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits 
    Dollar Stores
    Quilt Shops    
    Abstract Public Sculptures 
    Nature Centers 
    Starbucks Stores
    Time Capsules 
    Water Towers
    Off-Leash Dog Areas

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18 hours ago, Bear and Ragged said:

How many officers in the group, if you drop out it could leave the group/category struggling without sufficient officers.


17 hours ago, T0SHEA said:

Are you referring to the Outhouses Category?

Or more general? A minimum of three officers including the leader. 



More of a general comment, but specifically Outhouses if the OP is the only active officer. (I haven't checked out the category to see who the officers are.)

If a Category is at the minimum number of officers required, and the one and only active officer drops out, there may be no one to promote new officers and keep the group active. Without intervention from Wayfrog (or others)


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