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TB used in gadget cache?

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You're saying that the success of this "gadget" is to discover the trackable ?

We've seen/done a lot of caches that had a trackable as a means to open containers (keys mostly), and every-single-one left the area.

One had the CO replace the trackable three times (even though it's written into the description) before finally giving up.


Since it appears yours is fastened to the container, hopefully your D/T is high, or it's logged as mystery/puzzle so I notice not to bother.   

 -Phone users might think it's okay...

 - I use a GPSr, and by the time I get home to discover your trackable, probably no longer interested unless ever in the area again.

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5 hours ago, The_Mitch said:

I am considering mounting a TB on a gadget cache with the intent to lead the cachet to discover and get a combination to a lock.

Hi @The_Mitch

I'm not sure I got your idea right. Is your idea similar to this: https://coord.info/GC7CXRX There you can discover TB's. You can discover one without being there, by visiting a virtual tour. After a second TB code you can dive. If you have both, you can calculate the final coordinates of the multicache.

Greetings Johannis10

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One way I could see this working, is hold on to the trackable, but put a qrc code on the gadget, and when someone reads it with their phone, it brings up a webpage (presuming the location has internet service) that contains the code you need to open the gadget . . .  INSIDE the container you can put the tracking code and say, "Discover me!" or something like that.  


There's a cacher in Pittsburgh, PA *WRWhizard*  that took a trackable and made a GIANT wooden production of it, and it's mounted on his front porch for anyone who drives by to discover . . .I'm sure he has the original trackable safe and sound somewhere.  

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If I wanted to do this, here's how I would implement it.


Have the cache container in an outer container, have a combination padlock on the cache container. The cache container can have the TB public reference number on it (for anybody reading this who doesn't already know, a TB like the WISA Wooden Satellite has a code which starts with TB - it's TB9GB8G which most cachers would recognise as a TB reference code). When a cacher goes to the TB page, it has a description on there about whatever details the TB has, and a message along the lines of "if you're trying to open something, try 1234" (or whatever the combination is).


No need for the cacher to log the TB, they get the code from the TB page to open the lock - though I assume most would.


Personally, I'd mark a cache like this as a gadget cache (even though it really isn't) because technically a tool is required - something with internet access. As cerberus1 noted, many cachers use something other than a smartphone and doing it this way would force them to do two visits. Noting "this cache requires internet access" will help those who read descriptions, and marking it as a gadget cache will help a few who don't read descriptions to check it out. You'll still get some who are disappointed due to not reading the information before you get there, and you'll also get a few disappointed to find the cache isn't a "real" gadget cache - but you can't please everybody.


Also, I wouldn't use a TB like this because it kind of feels like ALR (Additional Logging Requirements). If it was a Regular or Large cache, I'd put the code in a small / nano container a bit further away - with the options being make where the code is stage 1 of a multi, or have instructions on how to find at the container. I did this with my multi Return of Bee Hide (a small pre-form tube holds the details, the cache is a 3L/1gallon tupperware).

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36 minutes ago, Unit473L said:

...TB like the WISA Wooden Satellite has a code which starts with TB - it's TB9GB8G which most cachers would recognise as a TB reference code). 


Don't mean to be picky, but many new (and some older...) people might get confused when they see this in searches.  :)

We have a Reference Number, and a Tracking Code.  the two aren't the same, as in Buy and activate a Trackable in the Help Center.

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We did a multi (now archived) that used trackables as the waypoints: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC406DK_the-proposal


Basically there was a trackable physically mounted at the posted coordinates.

You had to access the trackable page. 

The goal of the trackable would be part of a combination to the final.

The trackable description told a story with the next landmark to search around being encoded in the text.

At the next landmark there would be another trackable physically mounted and so on until you hit the final container.

Once you got to the final container you had to put together the combination from the goals to open the padlock.  

We thought it was a pretty fun cache to do.


The cache didn't last very long but I got the impression that had little to do with the set up.

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1 hour ago, schmittfamily said:

We did a multi (now archived) that used trackables as the waypoints


That's brilliant, I love the idea of it. I don't have that many TB's that I could do this with (and it probably would be a bit rude to double-tap and have the TB physically out travelling and also physically being a waypoint) but it's still a fun idea.

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