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Urwigo - changing zone status

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For testing & bugging purpose, I want to set up a hidden zone that when you enter you are asked to choice a zone to change from Inactive to Active or ice versa.


Is there a way to do this without having to create a lot of If/Else test statements?

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AFAIK no :(

In this case I would recommend you to write the If/Else commands as code and not with the blocks (it's easier :))

function getZone(zoneName) 
    if (zoneName == "zone1") then
    	return zone1;
    elseif (zoneName == "zone2") then
    	return zone2;
    -- And so on
-- This only works if you also name the zones with an identifier (under description)

Or has lua a switch statement?

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16 hours ago, capoaira said:

switch statement


You can bodge one together by indexing into a table with named keys, I think. I'm not sure if this works on all players. 


local LookupTable = {
    zoneA = ...,
    zoneB = ...,
    zoneC = ...,

function getName(zoneName)
    return LookupTable[zoneName]



In theory this is as efficient as a jumptable (with some overhead for the hashmap lookup.)

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