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But I wanted to share what happened, it was kinda funny.  I had turned on the palm and the GPSr and had my back to the trail.  I hear voices so I hide the devices...There are two men coming up the trail and one had a GPS too, I think he palmed it really quick. 


They got in their car and left, I was just flabbergasted.  THe first time I try to find a cache with GPS and I see another cacher.  It blows my mind this secret sport is everywhere and I've never come across a cache or a cacher. 

I think that was us! Jimswim and I did Master Of Disguise II, and noticed you getting out of the car with kids. I wondered if you weren't perhaps a geocacher....


We also had a nice long conversation with a barber in Ripon while I was getting around to checking places that Jim claimed he had already checked (but apparently hadn't). By the way, how do you suppose that Bill lives with himself after rating that cache a 1/1?


We did a bunch of caches today, including a couple that have been on my list for a long time: T4 and Nothing But Flashlights. I'm just starting to log them all now.


[edited for spelling and addition of a little poke at Bill]

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That was me. I had 3 kids with me. and a dog. the dog had fun...well, we had fun too..


Was the barber George?


Did I look like a geocacher? I had all my goodies in my pockets. My son had a backpack FULL of goodies to trade, he was even stealing his sister's toys. The little girl suprised me with the first and only cache we found, she knew she was supposed to take one so I scrounged up another goodie. Today she wanted a toy from the "butter bucket" (like at peanut peanut)

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We also had a nice long conversation with a barber in Ripon while I was getting around to checking places that Jim claimed he had already checked (but apparently hadn't).  By the way, how do you suppose that Bill lives with himself after rating that cache a 1/1?


How is the barber. Dawn and I also a nice talk with him. Told him all about Geocaching and he also gave us some stuff to put in a nearby cache.

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OOPS <_<:lol: My bad...forgot to read the profile!!! Anyway....Ryan and I are in the scouts too.....we've had c few events w/ geocaching and always cache on scout trips.....maybe sometime we could invite their troop down....I'm pretty close to eagle...how about your boys? are they involved? ANyway nice to meet you Amytincan!!!

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Bill, see me at 10 AM on Monday, right? Where?

Monday will not work as I have more burned after that storm. How about having that New Cacher Class on Sunday after church. Say, 2 PM and meeting at the parking lot nearest to N 37° 44.000 W 121° 06.766. Maybe DMCC will have that cache running again, maybe not.


Any other new cachers want to join in? The time and date are pending Amy's approval. Maybe Laura could join in too??

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all right: Here's your clue....


If you're diabetic or on a low carb diet, you should avoid the pogeybait.

Oh, I got that answer a long time ago. That also how I found out about the Chinese words. Now I'm further ruined. B)


Congratulations on getting those finds today! Looks like you're on a roll, TinCan. B)


Hey OF. Are you going to meet us at 2 PM? I know you've done a few of those caches but have you found them all.

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My new cache Amazing Race destination SeaWorld just popped up. Hint: it doesn't REALLY take you around the world, just Stockton. But there is a million dollar prize and a new car for the winner, and of course all those beautiful destinations. Ready, Set, GO! B)

Great multi with really fabulous places to visit. Z & I enjoyed them all! Highly recomend this cache as it is really,really that great. OF you are really raising the bar. BTW Wasn't OF the name of a Movie back in the late 80's early 90's with Shelly Long & Bette Midler? B)

Enjoyed the cache & appreciate all the time & effort you put into it.


Sal & Z of JeepySr

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I sure had fun setting that one up and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Now the rest of you better get out and travel the world too. I know TeamTek was close, but they must have hit a Road Block.


Sorry Bill and Amytincan, I'm going north today and can't make the meeting in Ripon. I found those caches anyway, but I have others still to do in Ripon, so I'll be back some day. When are YOU going to finish up the Stockton caches?


My brother in law named us Outrageous Fortunes a few years back. I never heard of a movie by that name; we prefer to think of Hamlet when we say Outrageous Fortunes.

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Sorry Bill and Amytincan, I'm going north today and can't make the meeting in Ripon.

There's an event in Ripon I didn't know about?


::looks at GC calendar, finds nothing::


::scrolls back, sees what OF is talking about::


Ah, hey, you guys have fun! I think we are headed down to Monterey today.



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Not a gathering but I am meeting TinCan to get her rolling (which she got a great jump on last night) and I welcome anyone else that may need some of those caches.


OF, I'll be back to do more Stockton caches but since they're multipling like rabbits, I doubt anyone will be able to hunt them all. The best one could hope for is to make it their full time job. [And so what if that's my hopes. LOL] I do look forward to going around [your] world tour.


Congratulations JeepySr.

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lol congrats amytincan...may i ask how you chose your name or did you lose a bet? B)

So, is betting how you got yours?? LOL. Welcome back Cachecow. Have you been able to start Laura's new multi yet? I'm looking forward to it but have to wait another week [at least]. B) Maybe I'll be able to confirm my answers to Ryan's math cache and get that completed at the same time. B)

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honestly, it was a nickname from my grandma. (We had our own little world). I actually have some cartoon pictures she drew for me that mention it, way back in the 70's when I was sick with mono. She invented a cute character, I may have to use him in the future.


It comes in handy because I don't have to be AmyXXVIIII if you KWIM.

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The Buddies spent the last 2 caching days up north of Elk Grove and collected lots of DNFs, so we decided to go South today. The caches in Modesto, and especially Ripon, rock! 22 caches without a single DNF and we had time for a sit down lunch, time to go to the Halloween store and time to cook dinner when we got home! Thanks to all you great cache hiders - we'll be back.

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I could overnight the yellow e-trex for about $100, should I do it?

Target has them for about $80.00 and they usually have them in stock.

I noticed that our local Target has removed the GPS section altogether. I think Target maybe be phasing out GPS sales.



Ours doesn't have a gps section but they have the yellow etrex in with the camping supplies etc.

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Hey Camel680,

I was at Cabo on Saturday & I was caching too! :blink: Z & I Located a very important part of a cache while we were there. :DAmazing Race Anyway, It's as close as I'm going to get to Cabo atleast for awhile! :D If you have a chance you should check this cache out as it is very nicely done! :D

Also check this out, Geocaching & the CVC in the news

Most recent local Geocaching in the News

Cabo is such a cool place to visit. I'll have to get back there again soon.

Take care,

Sal & Z of JEEPYSR

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Cool to read CVC in the news. Too bad the writer did such a shallow article when there's so many things happening. Especially since she interviewed so many of us.


Q. Why have only 2 people found Mountain House cache?

A. It had already been muggled during the interviews.


Q. Are there other caches near the Mountain House cache?

A. Sure. There's even a Travel Bug Hotel cache with in a couple miles to the North.


Q. Travel Bug Hotel?

A. It's a cache that Travel Bugs (Gizmo's with Dog Tags) can be easily exchanged. They normally move for cache to cache on some mission that the Geocachers collectively help it accomplish. There's even a race across America going on right now for Travel Bugs.


Q. So why would any adult want to hunt a hidden container?

A. To prove they can. To enjoy a new location. To get out of the house and office. It's fun!




Great to hear MrTinCan is getting into the addiction. It was great to see him go from watching and wondering to running and finding. He's a great guy too.




To Camel:


De la recepción camello detrás. We're you're alegre se reclinó y alista para conseguir de nuevo a trabajo sobre Geocaching.

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we looked at a house today for sale that had a truck parked in the driveway with a GPS sticker on it.

Clever. Very clever. Did the listing post the coordiantes?








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