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[FEATURE] Support adding multiple user waypoints on the website, similar to how the app currently allows

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In years past, I used the geocaching app as a secondary to GPSr, but now that situation is reversed, I find myself using the app nearly full time.


One feature I use a lot on the app, which is (mostly*) absent from the website, is the ability to add multiple user waypoints to a cache. It would be great if there was the same ability to do this on the site - in fact, it would be great if doing so on the app would allow me to see it on the cache page, and vice versa - and it would be also helpful to see this in a GPX file once done.


*Yes, the "enter solved coordinates" function on the cache page partially does this, but that only allows one waypoint at a time, and then it's an all or nothing approach - either you see the original waypoint in the GPX file, or the new solved coordinates override that waypoint on the page and in the GPX file. Whereas the app allows for multiple user waypoints to be added, and seen on the map and navigated to, without changing the original waypoint.


I am aware waypoints can easily be manually added on a GPSr, and that child waypoints can be manually added to a geocache through GSAK, so before helpful souls start suggesting other ways to do it, I already know how. This is not a "how can I do this" question. It is solely a suggestion for a feature on the site, to better marry up how the official app functions with how the website functions.


Apologies if this has been suggested before, but the search I did failed to turn up a related suggestion thread.

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