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Available Souvenirs overview on cacher's page

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this is my first contribution to the discussion (so have mercy with me).


Would it be possible to have some overview of actual available Souvenirs for specific period of time?

For example for 2021 there are following Souvenirs:

• first in 2021

• CITO first half of the year

• CITO second half of the year

• international geocaching day

• last in 2021

• the rest of Souvenirs.....


And with dates when it is possible to achieve them plus note if you already got it.


I have tried to find the same question/topic, but was not successful. 


Thank you very much,


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Here are some existing available resources:


Help Center article, "List of Souvenirs"

The A-Team's Unofficial Guide to Souvenirs

Souvenir List and Statistics at Project-GC.com


Many new souvenirs are announced in the official Geocaching Blog.  The articles often explain the requirements for earning the souvenir, including the timeframe where applicable.


Please review the linked information and then refine/clarify the nature of your Feature Request.


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Hi Keystone,


thank you for quick response and useful links.


I have created proposal how it could look like and what exactly I mean.

I believe that a lot of new cachers don´t know about Souvenirs and this feature on their main page could be useful.


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not a good idea? :)

For example from blog post about GIFF I get information about posibility of getting souvenir:


"...discover the special tracking code in the GIFF film reel to receive the 2021 GIFF souvenir..."


In my proposal could only be added new item (GIFF souvenir) and after opening there could be conditions for acquiring the souvenir (and time frame).

I don´t know, if you don´t just follow my idea, or it is not good/appropriate for the website appearance/functionality...

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