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Caching Teams

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recently myself and 4 other gecachers with our own accounts where discussing how to go about making up a caching team but we cant work out how to place caches on behalf of the team we all pay for our own premium accounts and the question is would we as a team have to set up another account and when out as a team when we log cache finds does signing as a team member allow each member to log that cache 

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Placing caches as a team

The usual way to do this is to create an additional account, which serves as the CO for the caches you place. This new account doesn't need to be Premium. All team members get the credentials of the team account, so that they can log in and create/edit cache listings, post CO logs (disable, enable, OM), and do anything else which is expected from a cache owner.

Logging caches as a team

In general, if you want to log a cache as found with your individual player account (i.e. 2I0WMNWilliam), that name has to be in the logbook. However, for (larger) groups, it's accepted practice to come up with a sort of "team name" for the trip, which is written into the logs. This "team name" should not be an actual account name, though, and in the online find logs, it should be made clear who was part of the team on that specific trip. E.g., you prefix every log of that day with "Found on a trip with AAA, BBB, CCC and EEE. Signed all logs as 'TeamAlphabet'". Then you, and your buddies AAA, BBB, CCC and EEE can log the cache as found, but not DDD, who was absent on this specific trip.

It's considered bad form to log a cache as found, when you haven't been anywhere near the actual cache.

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ok thanks for explaining that , and the question wasnt meant to suggest that when signing the logs as a team that anyone in the team could sign it and all team members present or absent could log it as im aware you have to be present when cache is found to be able to log it ,but thanks for the reply . William

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