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Does anybody know this cacher?

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Bubblesort only found 3 caches and hasn't accessed the site since Aug 13th. Looks like its time to send that travel bug to the graveyard. icon_frown.gif That's the risks with travel bugs. Our first travel bug got picked up and never moved. I just released the 'copy' tag because I got bored with asking if they were going to move it anytime soon. Maybe you should consider doing that.



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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Don't give up... I have a travel bug that was collected and yet to be released. After sending many emails that where never answered, I finally got a nice message from the (newbie) cacher with the story. It's not back in service yet but I believe that will change shortly.


It does appear bubblesort got an e-ddress just for Geocaching (bubblesort@yahoo.com). Since they're new to caching, that's not good news. They may not check that special account. However, their logs look genuine. T-Bug driven but genuine.


Bubblesort may have some association with Bind Networks?


** Don't give up.

** If your messages don't bounce, they're getting your email(s).

** If your message bounces, Geocaching will disable their account. You can request they help locate the cacher with their confidential information.


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"I'm Not Sure I Understand Everything I Know About This."


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