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I am trying to download new pq's to my Garmin; according to my file explorer the list has successfully downloaded, but when I am in the field the list is empty.  When I add an old list - it shows up... but when I remove it and add a new one or when I try to download individual gpx to my device - they do not appear.  Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

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Without specifics, I can only guess, but here are some basic things to look at.


If the GPX files arrived on your GPS, they will be seen in the Garmin/GPX folder while it's connected to a PC.  Do you see the files?


It's possible to have filters set on the GPS that make the GPS show no caches, and sometimes these filters are set by surprise.  If you don't have any set, check anyway.


Is there a particular difference between old and new lists?  Are they in different areas?  If caches are more than about 60 miles from where the GPS thinks it is (especially if the GPS hasn't found its location yet), caches will not automatically appear.  You must first move on the map to see the icons.  You can do that before going to the place.


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