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Boomer's Beach Geocache?

Lac Vert
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Hi All,


My brother-in-law was diving in San Diego and found a geocache underwater at Boomer's Beach. Since we're geocachers he knew what it was and wanted to know more. Geocache was black PVC piping and had a green (I think) engraved tag on one end that said "Boomer's Beach, www.geocaching.com"


We looked for the cache on the web and couldn't find anything. Is there any history here?


Just curious,




Lac Vert

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Wow! icon_eek.gif We were the only ones to find and log that cache way back in March, 2002.icon_biggrin.gif No one else ever posted attempting it, and the owner didn't check on it until 3 months later. He claimed it was missing at that time and we figured he would've known how to find his own cache, so we assumed it was definately gone.icon_rolleyes.gif We even emailed him several times offering to meet down there to confirm it, but never got a reply back.icon_mad.gif We believe he was out of the country (In Europe) during that period. Haven't had an opportunity to get back down to dive there since (we live 100 miles north in LA).

It would be cool to see photos of it after all this time. icon_cool.gif You can see our photos at the cache page link Hemlock created above.


[This message was edited by Kevin & Susan on October 13, 2003 at 09:02 PM.]

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This is definitely the cache that was found. Wasn't expecting a reply so quickly and thanks for the answers.


It turns out it was my brother-in-law's friend who found it and only because he was chasing a lobster. It was almost completely encrusted with barnacles and he had to scrape off debris to read the label. He didn't know that geocaches were meant to stay in place so he took it with him and happened to try to look for it on the site.


It's in my brother-in-law's house at the moment so it's safe to say that it's definitely gone now.


Glad to hear that it wasn't an active cache, it would be tough to place it again in the same spot. The cache was in poor shape, took a pair of vice grips to open it.


We actually looked for Kevin and Susan on the web and couldn't find you as users, but must not have been typing in the key words right for the user names.


Thanks for letting us know. If anyone wants the cache they're welcome to it.

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