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Download a GPX file of an Adventure Lab

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2 hours ago, HHL said:

Why two threads on this?


Because geocachers are humans, and humans sometimes make mistakes like accidentally double-posting a thread.  Perhaps the OP's phone or laptop hiccuped.


But, to avoid offending your delicate sensibilities, I have hidden the other version of this thread.  I am keeping this one, because it affords me the opportunity to remind everyone that this is the "How do I...?" forum, where we try extra-hard to be helpful and welcoming to geocachers who come here with questions.  Your post added no value.

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3 hours ago, su&sco said:

Trying to download  GPX files of our Adventure Labs.


Hello, and thanks for your question.


I am not aware of any easy way to download a GPX file of your Adventure Lab finds.  Geocaching HQ recently changed the API functionality on this subject.  There is a very active discussion here in the Adventure Labs forum section, which might be of interest to you.

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Thanks Keystone, for the link. I forgot to slide the "Follow topic" button on the first post. I went "back " and slid it. I didn't consider that it could be  two separate posts. Thanks for hiding one. 


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