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8 hours ago, The_Mitch said:

How do i change the icon of a trackable?

The icon design is set during the purchase process to make a new Geocoin.  In some cases, there’s a delay before the generic icon is replaced with the proper one.


Setting an icon for a Trackable Item is entirely the purview of HQ.  You may ask for an icon replacement on a Trackable, but prepare for sticker shock.  How wealthy are you?  And can I borrow a few bucks?


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This is the exact question I was looking for an answer to, so thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who wants to do this!  I bought an "official" geocaching t-shirt from the Geocaching.com shop.  It's literally called "The Official Geocacher t-shirt".  You add your geonick, your very first find (name & code), the date of the find, and then you can add a trackable code - which I did.  I added a photo of the shirt as the default image but it still shows that ugly gray bug icon next to the trackable name.  It would be great if the default image could be substituted as the trackable icon.  

official t-shirt.jpg

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