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Report a suspected account hack (not mine)?

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In summer of 2017, I had a brief and drama-free message exchange with a new local cacher and their relative from out-of-town (also new to the game) to verify their visit to a cache.  

I've had no other communication with the local, and one exchange, a few months ago, with the out-of-state relative about setting up a cache in their location.  All exchanges were through the GC.com Message Center.


Today, out of the blue, I received a message from the local, leading me to believe that their account may have been hacked. 


12:52 PM

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Sorry to bother, Do you have an account with amazon?"
I did reply - through Message Center - that I thought it an odd question, coming from a geocacher, and asked, point-blank, "Why do you ask?" (I did not answer the question - duh.) I've received no response. 
As it's impossible for me to say with certainty whether the local is truly inactive, I note that there have been no finds listed on that user account for a few years. 
It occurred to me that perhaps I should notify somebody at GC.com, in case they would want to investigate, before I contact the out-of-state relative.
To whom/where should I direct that notification?
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