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Urwigo - on exit - message after 5 meters


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I created a zone and want a message to appear when you cross the border.

With "on exit" this works,.. but only when I'm 5 meters outside the border,.... Can this be adjusted?

I want it do show when the player is on the border,


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If you want a message to always appear on proximity the example you provided is the correct way to do it. This message will appear every time the player nears the in proximity point. You will need to set the in proximity distance in the zone. The default is 60 meters. I usually set it somewhere between 8-12 meters. It is sometimes tricky to get the on proximity event to display in the emulator. Slowly drag the player icon in and out of the zone to get this to display. 


If you want to show a message only when the player leaves the zone you would need to create something like the example below. You will need to change the Zone Exit variable to "True" at some point before the player leaves the zone. Otherwise the message will not display.


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