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Today one reviewer wanted to cancel most of my avian WMs, when they have been published for a long time and only ask for a photo I "will need to provide at least one image of the aviary"

Anyway, it is seen that some do not have better things to do and as soon as a reply is sent, the vigilante superhero spirit comes out.

In Galician paxaro = bird and paxarera (is the place where birds are, aviary).



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Well, Ariberna, first you need to fight against any declinations that were summarily and improperly levied against your Waymarks. The requirements are as you stated - one photo and proper coordinates taken by the submitter:

"you will need to provide at least one image of the aviary as well as the coordinates where it is located."

Beyond that they state no further requirements.


HOWEVER - they do take the time to define what they consider to be aviaries acceptable in the category. It it here that you may have run afoul in the category:

"Cages or other holding areas for birds. These are typically for birding research, while many are also used for allowing the public to view various birds species in a more accessible manner.

Expanded Description:
Locations used for avian research and public display of birds. These are usually enclosures that feature many species of birds that offer educational experiences. Privately operated, commercial, research institute, zoological and public locations are all welcome provided they were created for the purposes of education or public display of birds."

I would now suggest that you reevaluate your recently declined aviary submissions and ascertain whether they actually do meet the category definition as set out above. Reevaluation and declining of older Waymarks is not that uncommon, unfortunately.


I'll admit that a definition does not necessarily equal a requirement, but, really, it's their category and if they should choose to mismanage it, there's not much the rest of the world can do about it.



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To me, as a completely objective observer, I would truly hope that what you submitted for the waymark was NOT the single picture of the sign.  That is not an aviary.  The actual STRUCTURE holding the birds is the aviary.  If I was an officer in the category, and you JUST submitted the sign circled like that, yes, I would deny that waymark with the response that this is not the aviary and please go get a picture of the actual structure.  This, however, is a discussion you are going to need to have with the officers of the category - luckily, I am not one of them.  

Just so things are clear - officers of categories don't get pleasure out of denying waymarks - far from it.  We have been given a responsibility of quality control.  Think about it - there are specific MINIMUM requirements for each category.  Unfortunately, officers have to make decisions on submissions using the category descriptions as the standard.  When the standard isn't met, and we have to deny waymarks - we will get called names just like you did in your opening rant.  It has NOTHING to do with being a vigilante superhero - it does have EVERYTHING to do to holding your submitted waymark to the category's minimum described standard.  It is really amazing what REALLY reading the full category description BEFORE you post your waymark will save you in terms of headaches and denied waymarks....

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You did not provide many details, so I might be wrong, but my first impression was that you fell into a "translation trap".


An aviary is not a place "where birds are", an aviary is a place where bird cages are. Maybe Galician has the same term for both, but this is not relevant for the category.


If I am right, you are looking for Birdwatching Locations. This category exists.

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On 7/28/2021 at 9:50 PM, iconions said:

It is really amazing what REALLY reading the full category description BEFORE you post your waymark will save you in terms of headaches and denied waymarks....


There's a little snippet that every Waymarker should stick to their foreheads on a Post-it note, or carve on a rock and set on their desks!!!


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On 7/29/2021 at 6:50 AM, iconions said:

 It is really amazing what REALLY reading the full category description BEFORE you post your waymark will save you in terms of headaches and denied waymarks....

Also sometimes it could be helpful to read the requirements for the pictures needed BEFORE going out to take them. I had it once, that I had a lot of pictures of a place where we stayed for a night on holidays, but not the one the category REALLY wanted to see. Needless to say, that the listing in this category was declined for that reason.

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Thank you all for your words.
Certainly, I am past the topic. It is nothing more than a brand of WM.
In Galicia and elsewhere, these aviaries are "large cages" where there are peacocks, parakeets, nightingales, swallows, etc.
In other places, there are turkeys, geese, geese, ducks that sleep there (that's why the aviaries are empty during the day) and roam free: in ponds, streams, grass ...
There are no experimentation cages here for educational experiences.


Thanks a lot :-)

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