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All content from GC now in Polish, How do I revert to UK setting

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I am in UK using Win10 and  iPhone. 

In the last days all the headings for web pages and emails are in Polish

I have checked different browsers and apps in Win10 and IOS and it is all the same 


How do I revert to English


All my location settings are set for UK  on pc and iphone . I can see no way to correct it

any suggestions please


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I think I have resolved the issue.

In the deep depths of personal settings> Preferences...  there is a language choice!.  Difficult to find when all the headings are in Polish!

The vexed question is" how did it changed in the first place?"


ps Just received VP's post. Thanks , No I am not using the short name you quote

All is OK now other than the 16 emails I got from HQ earlier which are all in Polish ( sent before my recent update)





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