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On 9/19/2021 at 11:11 AM, fi67 said:

I just finished correcting the missing regions in all categories where I have direct edit rights. I didn't count, but I estimate the list is about 400 entries smaller when you do the next adjustment. So, only about 15% of the complete list, but better than nothing.


20 hours ago, Ariberna said:

I corrected too.


Thank you. Next correction run (which is effectivly a new full import) would probably be starting at the next weekend (September 25th).


FYI: Updates of the last new waymarks in all available categories are done on a daily run - which is skipped if I'm not at home. The run itself takes between 15 and 30 minutes and is usually done during my lunch time (Central Europe).

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On 7/29/2021 at 6:34 PM, FamilieFrohne said:

You may also try your own username (i.e. https://wm.familie-frohne.net/list_user.php?name=Becktracker).

What do you think about it? Right direction or completely off the path?

THANK YOU Becktracker for asking and FamilieFrohne for creating the first-in-a-region tool! I'm late to the thread and so glad to have found it.


Like you all, "firsts" has been a fun curiosity that adds dimension to my playing the game. I'd been manually tracking mine in a very rudimentary document, but only for my state and, now quite apparently, not recently; I'd managed to record 63...and then was pleasantly very surprised to discover I'm at 93! Plus, I really appreciate the bonus of knowing ALL the regions/categories in which I have first entries -- 111 total as of today. I had no idea.


Much fun!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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1 hour ago, ScroogieII said:

And now, What's Wrong With This Picture?

Beat me - but I didn't get it. Just can guess that you are disappointed for not finding the first entries in "Newfoundland" and "Nova Scotia".


But you still have the opportunity to find entries for "Alberta",  "Manitoba",  "Northwest Territories", "Nunavut", "Ontario", "Québec", "Saskatchewan" and "Yukon Territory" :).

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Sorry to hear that. But that is not a fault caused by my program:


The import program looks at the category pages (i.e. https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=9740b2e1-7d12-400e-94ba-a8c4cd28fc1f&st=2 for the mentioned category)    and retrieves the informations for the title, the waymark idcode, the category, the owner, the location and the approval date. Only if the location is one with known provinces (like Canada, Sweden, Germany, ...) and the provice is missing, the program retrieves the waymark page to look up the coordinate. After that the location information to that coordinate is checked and the program tries to guess the right province based on the second level administrative unit. In case of England and Ireland this is not trivial, since Groundspeak "divided" provinces (i.e. Wales was split into North Wales and South Wales), but also Belgium, Brazil and Czechia need manual attention. There were around 18000 waymarks I had to check this way - result can be seen in the list of open regions (https://wm.familie-frohne.net/open_regionwm.php).


For coordinate lookup and getting the administrative units a service api from google is used - and google has a quota for the usage. When the quota is exceeded you have to pay for the services (I did the checking of the 18000 WMs on a end-of-month and start-of-next-month to have enough quota left). The results of the mapping were stored in the database to prevent another lookup on the next import run.


Another thing to consider: Getting any page from Waymarking takes around a second. Just checking the latest changes on the categories takes at least 1124 calls to the first category pages, sometimes a few more are needed (i.e. when more than 25 new entries since the last run date were added) - so a simple update takes about 20 minutes. A full update (looking through all the category pages) and comparing it with the stored entries takes at least half a day. So going through all of the waymarks would take my program currently at least a million seconds (roughly 12 days) just to get them all once - and then you have to check on the coordinates and save the results in a separate table.


So thinking on the changes needed, the costs involved to get it right and the time the program takes to run I will not change the program to check for each waymark if the coordinate matches the selected province - sorry.

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I see.

In any event, I suspect that most , if not all of the errors will be found to be "user error".

For example in the Fort Nashwaak - Fredericton, NB Waymark I had inadvertently selected British Columbia for the province instead of New Brunswick.

It's a common error for me as BC is where I live.

In the Captain Lewis in the Missoula Valley III - Missoula, Montana Waymark, it was the same error, this time both the wrong country, Canada, and the wrong state/province - BC for Montana. Again not caught by either myself of the reviewer.

For 1929 Chrysler - Western Development Museum - North Battleford, SK, the same deal - BC selected instead of Saskatchewan.

Walters Blacksmith Shop - Lunenburg, NS - same deal - selected New Brunswick instead of Nova Scotia.

Seal Island West Highway Webcam - New Harris, NS the same - selected New Brunswick instead of Nova Scotia.

Fort Needham Memorial Park - Halifax, NS - selected Northwest Territories instead of Nova Scotia. Don't know how I managed that one!!

United Baptist Church - Mahone Bay, NS - did it again - selected Northwest Territories instead of Nova Scotia.

Mountain Trail School - Beaverlodge, Alberta - Substituted Saskatchewan for Alberta

Pack River Fish - Ponderay County, ID - this one was actually OK - I had entered MT in the title in place of ID, but the state selected was correct.

Big Horn LDS Stake Office and Tithing Building - 535 - Substituted Montana for Wyoming. This one was a bit harder to catch as the category required that one not include the state or province in the title. When I saw it in the Montana list I immediately thought that I had done Mormon sites in Wyoming, but none in Montana, so I looked at it and, sure enough - the town was Cowley, which I know to be in Wyoming.

Engineer dies in runaway train near Trail - Trail, BC - selected Montana, US instead of BC, Canada


That's all I could find - each and every one MY FAULT (with a little help from inattentive reviewers, of course).


Given 11 "user errors" in 993 firsts, that's a pretty high error rate. If we were to extrapolate that error rate to our entire universe of Waymarks it would indicate that, subtracting the 11 in this subset, there are likely 293 more erroneously located Waymarks of ours out there somewhere. Yikes!!


This also gives your program a clean bill of health, with regard to my Waymarks, at least. Again, Kudos!! :) 



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Some of you may already have noticed, that I did a "small" update to the statistics site:

  • I extended the data shown on the post statistics now to include the count of posted waymarks (excluding the archived ones, since these are not for public access from the category pages) and the number of different countries and regions posted. Different sorting possibilities included ... ^_^
  • Clicking on a name in the list mentioned above brings you to the individual statistics of that person (see my statistics for an example)
  • Clicking on a category entry in the selected user page or on the category grid page brings you to a detail page with the first posters in the category. There are navigation buttons on top to show the contributing waymarkers and the contributing countries / regions to the category.
  • If there are waymarks missing a country or a region then there is also a link on the detail page to show the missing waymarks for the category - a chance for the owners and / or officers to correct these - the assumed values are right beside the waymark name.
  • Finally I have included a list of categories with posted entries - this one is similar to the Largest categories link on the Waymarking.com site, but shows all categories on one page and also the number of posted items.

I hope you enjoy it, ideas (what else to show with the available data) and constructive criticism are welcome.



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Thanks for the work, very informative/useful. :D

As an Officer, I've sorted these Categories:

Open Regions List - Completed

Methodist Churches        46 entries.    

UK Post Offices            2 entries.

Timelines            1 entries.

Town and Village Pounds        1 entries.



I've 'had a go' at some these:
Red Telephone Boxes        386 entries.
Grave of a Famous Person    89 entries.


However... GS/the site  has decided to 'play up' and 'Im not sure if some of those in the categories have saved, and which I haven't done!

And, until you next update, I can't do any more.


Nice work.

Seasons Greetings to you and your family! :D


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38 minutes ago, Bear and Ragged said:

Methodist Churches        46 entries.    

UK Post Offices            2 entries.

Timelines            1 entries.

Town and Village Pounds        1 entries.

Red Telephone Boxes        386 entries.

Grave of a Famous Person    89 entries.

I reimported these categories just now and can tell you the "results":

- Methodist Churches: there are 11 left, I suppose there went something wrong ...

- UK Post Offices, Timelines and Town and Village Pounds are clean now.

- Red Telephone Boxes - there was no change

- Grave of a Famous Person - there was one entry removed ...


Thanks for the cleanup.


9 hours ago, Becktracker said:

Maybe It would be an idea to show the categories the user didn't post yet, so that you can use it as a 'shopping list?

A shopping list? Well ... I'll consider this.

Along with this I'll also consider a user specific list of waymarks that need adjustment to their regions ...


Merry Christmas to all




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I just checked Waymarking Statistics (familie-frohne.net) and tried the checkbox "show only first posted in country / region". I see several mistakes there. I suppose it is still in progress, right?


F.e.: After activating the checkbox, it still shows the category "Advertising Columns" in Austria/Burgenland, although I don't have the first WM in Austria.


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55 minutes ago, PISA-caching said:

I just checked Waymarking Statistics (familie-frohne.net) and tried the checkbox "show only first posted in country / region". I see several mistakes there. I suppose it is still in progress, right?


F.e.: After activating the checkbox, it still shows the category "Advertising Columns" in Austria/Burgenland, although I don't have the first WM in Austria.



I'm pretty sure, I didn't understand your concerns right: You ARE first in "Advertising columns" in the region "Austria/Burgenland", because you are the only one posting to the category (see https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=098ba96c-0b65-44ee-8131-10b340bf2b4f&wo=True&s=258&ct=227&st=2 ), although you are not the first for the whole country (see https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=098ba96c-0b65-44ee-8131-10b340bf2b4f&wo=True&ct=227&st=2 ). If you have the checkbox on the statistics page enabled, it shows the same information as a few weeks ago when I started the statistics business. You can see the silver grey star in front of the line, in case of a first entry for the country the star color would be a golden yellow. This change was needed for an enhancement for the page: If you have posted entries in the category, but are neither first of country or region, then the line does not contain a star symbol and the link to the first entry is not shown.


Perhaps this leads to your impression, that there are some entries not processed.






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On 12/24/2021 at 5:58 PM, FamilieFrohne said:

A shopping list? Well ... I'll consider this.

Along with this I'll also consider a user specific list of waymarks that need adjustment to their regions ...


A simple "shopping list" was added to the users page and also a page for waymarks with missing regions. See attached image for example.ToShoppingList.png.b60f82479123773da0cd7cab36584ba2.png

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