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Beware of dubious so-called Waymarkers.

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I had registered on Bookcrossing 3 weeks ago and came across members there, mostly female with nice profile pictures, but today I also came across a fake account in one of my categories on Waymarking.

The female ones on Bookcrossing were mostly specialized in troubleshooting Microsoft etc. with strange websites where you could report your problems and they would fix it.


Now I come across a male  named garyschmidt LINK , with a terrible profile picture, on Waymarking and he has signed up via the JOIN button in one of my dormant categories.  I, of course, deleted him right away. 
He signed up some time ago and it is only now that I am noticing. But I'm sure there are more of these people roaming around Waymarking.
So be alert for this kind of practice.
Greetings, John.

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On 7/24/2021 at 7:44 AM, dreamhummie said:

female ones on Bookcrossing were mostly specialized in troubleshooting Microsoft etc


I think I would be most wary of the "female ones mostly specialized in troubleshooting Microsoft etc" as much as anything, given the "strange websites".


Think about it. How many female Microsoft troubleshooters are there likely to be on a site like Bookcrossing Zones? And, of course, the "nice profile pictures" are pretty much a tipoff of nefariousness at hand, too.

All in all, It would appear that most everyone there is to be avoided.

Just looked at garyschmidt's profile. Anytime anyone pushes numbers like 22% and 36% at you, run fast and run far, regardless of the cock-and -bull text surrounding the numbers. Though I expect I should know, I don't remember what "churn" is.


OK, now I remember:

noun: Churn is used when referring to 'churn rate'. Churn rate or churn, is the percentage of people that stop using or subscribing to a service within a certain time frame. For a business to be profitable, its growth rate must exceed its churn.

From the Urban Dictionary.


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