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Searching another cachers finds

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At one time you could go to a cacher's Profile page to view ALL the caches they had found......NOW you can only see 1000 caches. Why?

I have searched a cacher's list of finds to see if they qualified for a particular challenge (prior to today's standard for a checker).
I have also looked at a friend's list of caches to see what caches they did on one of their trips (I was planning a trip similar to one they may have taken years ago).

I sure their are other uses.

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Twinklekitkat followed up via a personal message to me. Since it's on topic and maybe intersting for others here my answer:


But I was wondering how to use this link:


 Then modify it to just show multis or traditionals.

 If I use your link you provided I get ALL of the type regardless of whether I found it or not.


When you open the link you should see two drop-down menus.
On the first you select what cache types should be searched for and the default is "All Geocaches"
The second drop-down menu selects by what criteria you want to search.
Depending on the selection additional drop-down menus or text boxes appear.

Doing this for your question (Multis found by Twinklekitkat) I'm getting this URL:

A problem is that this only works for the first resulting page. When you click on page 2 the restrictions on Multis unfortunately is not followed any longer.

I wonder if eventualy there exist a solution to that.

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