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Searching another cachers finds


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At one time you could go to a cacher's Profile page to view ALL the caches they had found......NOW you can only see 1000 caches. Why?

I have searched a cacher's list of finds to see if they qualified for a particular challenge (prior to today's standard for a checker).
I have also looked at a friend's list of caches to see what caches they did on one of their trips (I was planning a trip similar to one they may have taken years ago).

I sure their are other uses.

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Twinklekitkat followed up via a personal message to me. Since it's on topic and maybe intersting for others here my answer:


But I was wondering how to use this link:


 Then modify it to just show multis or traditionals.

 If I use your link you provided I get ALL of the type regardless of whether I found it or not.


When you open the link you should see two drop-down menus.
On the first you select what cache types should be searched for and the default is "All Geocaches"
The second drop-down menu selects by what criteria you want to search.
Depending on the selection additional drop-down menus or text boxes appear.

Doing this for your question (Multis found by Twinklekitkat) I'm getting this URL:

A problem is that this only works for the first resulting page. When you click on page 2 the restrictions on Multis unfortunately is not followed any longer.

I wonder if eventualy there exist a solution to that.

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The current bug with "old search" is already being discussed in the current Release Notes thread and in the Geocaching.com Website Bug Reporting forum section.  Therefore, I'm closing this thread as having been bumped improvidently.

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