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Is it THAT TIME again already? Seems like it was just a couple of months ago that this date rolled around!


All you young folks, be prepared!!! As you get older, the years get shorter! I'm not kidding when I write that Pi Day seems a lot like yesterday.


Anyhow, The Pud is reminding me that the last time around we did store bought pizza. We've both sworn off sweets (right now I could KILL for a strudel - what flavour doesn't matter - Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry - I don't care) so it will have to be pizza again this year.


But this year it will be HOMEMADE pizza. It's been years and years and years (young folks, take that how you will) since I've acktchelly made myself a pizza. Of course, I do realize that it can easily cost just about twice as much to MAKE a pizza as it can to just BUY a pizza, but mine are always BIGGER and have EVERYTHING I want on them, which can always make for a pretty BIG PIZZA! Which is just what I always aim for:D

Way long ago, when I made pizzas with a semblance of regularity I seem to remember that I liked them, so we're gonna go for it once again!!!


Wish me luck, as I can also recall that they weren't all gems...

Just 3 days left to plan, one day to construct... ... ... ... ... ...



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Vulture1957 and family eating coconut cream pie.

Nice family.

I am always surprised when I see a picture of a waymarker that I recognize their name. (nothings like I envisioned)

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8 hours ago, vulture1957 said:

I just finished off the other half of the pie! (and I'm blaming T0SHEA. Had to eat it before PI day was over)


You got it wrong. This was not "Pi Day", this was "Pi Approximation Day".


Under these circumstances it is totally fine to finish it approximately the same. It is even better, following the spirit of the event.

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