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Trouble downloading cache information on Android Geocaching App

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It has been some time since we have done any caching.  We are taking a vacation and were hoping to do some caching.   Downloaded a list for our destination on my Android Geocaching app..  Click on a cache and the phone downloads forever without providing any of the information.   Also, selected a map with numerous caches showing.  Clicking on any one has the

same result of continual download.  However, selected one cache that immediately pulled up the cache information.  But this was one of 30.  Would someone be able to give me some troubleshooting steps to take to correct this? 

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I recently was camping, hiking, and geocaching in a state park with little to no cell phone reception - I knew this going in.  Prior to the trip, I created a pocket query of the area, which created a "list" on my Android app.  I downloaded the list for off-line use.  Then I put my phone in airplane mode (turned off the cell radio and the wifi) to see if I could see and use the list.  I needed to click on the lists menu item at the bottom of the homescreen of the app and select the list I wanted to use.


Once that list loaded, and I self-located with the target button while at the state park, the caches, information, map, etc were all there, and I could navigate, log a draft of my finds and experiences, and then pull up those drafts once we returned home and had connectivity again.  It all worked perfectly.


Summary of my steps:
PQ of potentail caches

Use app to download for offline use

Use airplane mode once at location (regardless of signal strength - if it's spotty signal, you'll see what you are describing)

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