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Trails Map - What Data Source

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The Trails Map is listed as using Open Source data.


When you search on this the only source I can find is the Open Street Map website. I've used this in the past to add in new paths for when I used my GPSr rather than the mobile which I now use these days.


I was out caching last night and the Trails Map had no sign of the footpath I needed to go on. When I checked another map that uses the Open Street Map the pathway was clearly marked on there.


Does anyone know how / where the source data is coming from on the Trails Map?

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Does it really say "Open Source"?  Legally, it should be listed as "© OpenStreetMap contributors".


Anyway, yes, that map is based on OpenStreetMap, and BTW, thank you for enhancing the trails therein.  That map pulls fresh data from OSM only 2 or 3 times a year, as best I can tell, so you may need to be patient.


3rd-party caching apps, eg Cachly, offer more map choices, many (most?) with faster updates.


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Thank you Viajero, that's good to hear. 

The Geocaching Map lists the map as "Trails Premium Open-Source street and trails maps that you can download and use offline"

As the only search result I found on Open Source maps was the Open Street Maps I have took it that was the source.

I'm surprised that they only update these 2-3 times a year as there are changes being applied to these maps daily and do make a world of difference.


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5 hours ago, Langy said:

"Trails Premium Open-Source street and trails maps that you can download and use offline"


Ah, marketing stuff.  They can say whatever they want, as long as they give proper attribution as well; I assume they do somewhere.


BTW...  Premium open-source map on the left.  Off-brand map* that updates only every 3-4 months on the right.  I have to wait too...

(* openandromaps.org in an Android-only map/caching app.)


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