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How to log premium caches on a free account

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if there was any way of logging geocaches on a free account. I go geocaching with my family often and as we live in a very rural area, meaning the majority of the caches have a terrain level above 2. This means that they are locked to only premium members. 

My friend often comes with us too, and he has a premium membership, so we use his account when we go the premium caches (but he doesn’t always come with us). So I’m asking if there is any way for me and my family to log the premium caches on our accounts, as we don’t have premium and can’t afford it. 

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As a Basic Member using the Official Geocaching App, (and it sounds like that's the app you are using), only traditional caches with a difficulty and terrain rating of 2 or below, as well as events, will be available to you.


As a Basic Member, If you go to the Geocaching website using a browser, then you'll see all geocache types, involving all difficulty/terrain ratings, displayed. Take note of the coordinates, information, hints etc, and go and find the caches. You can log any of these caches via the website. The only caches you won't see are the ones the cache owners have marked as "Premium Member Only".


There are other apps for your device you could use for geocaching that will give you full access. Some are free while others have a cost.


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