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Not All Maps Display - Oregon 700

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Had an unusual situation pop up, and needed to add 7 new maps to my Oregon 700.  None of them are particularly large.  Got them at BBBike.


After downloading all 7 of the *.img files, I placed them on the uSD card of the 700 in the Garmin folder (after first providing unique filenames, of course),

Of the 7, only 3 of the new maps appeared.

Understanding that the 700 would ignore any maps with duplicate Map IDs, I wondered if perhaps BBBike had assigned duplicate Map IDs to some of the maps.

I went in and manually renumbered all 7 (from 4000 to 4006) with GMapTool.  Still, only the same 3 of the 7 appeared in the list of available maps on the 700.

Wondering if there was some bug/restriction on where they were placed on the 700, I moved the whole shootin' match over to the 700's own Garmin folder.  No change whatsoever.


What could be causing this?  Never had issues like this on my 450.


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