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Top 10 Utah Caches

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Do you like the caches in the desert or the ones high on a Wasatch peak? What about the urban ones or the caches just outside the Middle of Nowhere? We all have our favorite caches, so why not share your favorites with fellow cachers? Rate them on their difficulty, uniqueness of topography, area history, route, container, contents, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Then enjoy reading about the caches others find interesting, and why.


Mountains. They aren't just for breakfast anymore.

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I would say my favorite caches I have visted are the following, for a variety of reasons:


Royal Treasure - just an extremely memorable experience that not everyone has the guts to achieve.


Adventure Caches 1 and 2 - Great ideas, and we all had a TON of fun solving/hunting them,


Emerald - Just another excuse to take a great hike.


Zeus' Roost - My personal #100, and one of the best dayhikes I know of.


Potter's Pond - Utah's First ever Geocache, a terrific location, and a really well done cache.


Winter Quarters - To my knowledge, only 5 cachers have been able to reach this one, which says something. I used a different route than the trail, which makes this a particularly memorable find, but even via the intended trail, this on is sure to challenge.


Beaver Springs - This one is not that hard, but what I really enjoyed was the way it required me to use route-finding skills with the map on my GPS. The view is spectacular from the cache, as well as the very cool cairn where the cache is hidden.


Amos' Rest - This was my 200th cache find, with a great group of caching legends, including UtahJean and DHobby1. This is a terrific little dayhike in Mill Creek Canyon, and a nice place for a cache.


Big Elk Lake - This is the most recently visited of the caches on my list, and one of my favorites. The hike to this backcountry is nothing short of spectacular, whichever route you use, and the serenity which rewards the diligent hiker is unsurpassed in Utah. Truly a cacher's dream location. Strongly recommend camping here.


Well, there you have MY top ten. It was tough choosing just 10, but I would have to say that these are the ones I liked best. Can't wait to hear the responses of others.




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