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Disable Geocaching

Guest Ratzilla
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Have you read through the terrain level 1's in your area? Maybe you could pick a few that seem probably and email the placers and ask them? I am thinking that many many people on the geocaching site never make it to the forums and might not see this. HTH! Good luck,





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Guest Ratzilla

Even in reading the level 1 postings, It all depends on the level of ability of the person doing the cache and how functional they are.

What is a short climb up a hillside is a Mt. Everest to others. One such cache saying it was level 1 was up a steep hill actually.


Its subjective for the most part.

Thank you for the suggestion of writing and asking the Geostasher.

Im also trying to come up with ideas that disabled geocachers won't have to work so hard to get to them yet have fun in the hunt.


Le' FemRat

aka da wife

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Guest dan_edwards_1966

Sounds like researching the topo info for the area of the cache would help. I am the worst person to talk about it, but tracking down as much information in advance a possible can really make caches a lot easier. I have been within 200 feet of a cache found a river between the cache and me. Had I bothered to grab a street map, and a topo map I could have had easy parking near the cache, and short walking distance.


That said, we really could use a more descriptive terrain option. Something like how some movies will say "Rated PG-13 for brief nudity", we could have "Rated 1.5 for short steep hill". It is possible to do that now in the description, but it is completely subjective.


Maybe have a disable checkbox?


I think even just mentioning in the cache placement FAQ to keep this in mind when writing a description for a cache would be a big help.



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