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Some Like It Hot

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Off topic, but it's hot as purgatory here.


Some Like It Hot


I've ne'er been fond of searing heat, nor days of biting cold
Nor drifts of snow nor roads of ice, these things I'd never hold
In high esteem, for they to me, now that I've gotten old
Are "perks" of warming climate now on which I'll not be sold.


When I was young I was a wild and carefree teenaged lad 
The things we'd done on snow and ice you'd now consider bad
A winter wonderland is where we lived and we would gad
About on snowy icy roads, a charmed life's what we had.


My world is seen through glasses now of quite a different hue
The years have passed and now I'm of a somewhat different view
Today my most adventuresome exploits outside are few
I'm up before the sun has riz, to walk upon the dew.


The temperature is inching up with every passing day
With higher temps our way to come is now what they do say
And now we hear that come midweek the temperature just may
Hit forty four and I am sure that we are gonna pay.


A strong high has entrenched itself over British Columbia. As a result, yesterday was supposed to have hit 42° (107.6° F) as are the next few days, with 44° (111.2° F) forecast for Wednesday.

The highest temperature I've ever experienced (remember, I'm a Canuck, from the Great White North) was 106° F (41° C), and that was both in Westbank, BC, back in the '90s, and in Joplin, MO, in 2000.

As you can easily guess, I don't go out much except verrrry early in the morning.


So, how's the weather where you are? Even hotter there?

I hope not.


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Last September my home thermometer read a record temp of 113 F. Must have been a record for my city. This was also during the California Wildfires, so the sky looked orange for a few weeks. Where I'm at now (Maryland) it's a much cooler 90 F.




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Yeah, all this coming week will likely set temp. records here.

Things ain't good when 90° F sounds cool to us.


Somewhere I have pix of the sun during a forest fire year when we were in Trail. The sun is a dark red rubber ball one could stare at with the naked eye for hours, if they chose. A zoomed pic even revealed a couple of sunspots, easily visible as the sun was so smoke covered.

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35 minutes ago, vulture1957 said:

It's been raining for about 3 days -- highs only in the mid 80s



Well,, Lee, I'm not too badly off as my condo is half below ground and I don't even need AC. But I live in a 4 storey building and people from the 4th floor were escaping the heat this morning under a tree by the building. They, and I too, for that matter, would pay good money for some OK weather right now.

Please try blowing some of that our way.


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I live at N26° at the south tip of Texas. I'm 50 miles (80km) from the Gulf of Mexico. We get a cooling breeze off the Gulf and it rarely hits 100° F (38° C.) It will stay just below 100°, about 96 to 99 for weeks. Another 50 miles farther west and it frequently hits 110° F (42° C.)

What you folks are experiencing is astonishing.

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... And it has gone from astonishing to deadly dangerous. So far 486 have died of the heat in BC.


Now some of us are beginning to pay, as I predicted in the poem at the outset.

The little town of Lytton, along the Fraser River north of Vancouver, set the Canadian High Temperature record three days in a row, the final high being 49.6° C (121.3° F), on June 29th.

On June 30 a wildfire went through the town, almost totally destroying it. At least 90% of the town is reported to have burned.


We took the following pix in Lytton when we visited in 2019. Sadly, they seem somewhat prescient.




We did several Waymarks in Lytton, probably all now gone, including their 149 year old church.




"29,000 lightning strikes across B.C. in the past 24 hours" - things will get MUCH WORSE before they get better, even though the temperature is about 7° C lower than .it was yestereday.


Keith, a melancholy Canuck

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