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Favorite Caches in Southern California?


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Originally posted by CoronaKid:

I live in Corona and work in Torrance....




That's a gosh-danged long commute! You're in the car for, what, 3 hours a day? Unfortunately, I haven't done any caches in either of those two areas but from what I've read, there seems to be a lot of cool caches by the Palos Verdes peninsula.

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...fortunately I work from 5 am to 2 pm, so it's usually only a little over an hour each way. Of course, if there's a bad accident on the 91 then things get UGLY. In this job market I was forced to commute in order to earn some decent money.


Now getting back to the cache discussion: Yes, I have started doing a few of the Palos Verdes caches during my lunch hour. So far they've been great, especially "As the Whales Go By." I had a lot of fun with that one.


For now I'll probably stick with all the caches within the Corona area. There are actually quite a few that look interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.



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we live in Vnetura County, where there are some great caches, but that won't help you much, I guess. We know of several good caches in San Pedro and the Peninsula. Try "Wolves Howling at the Moon" (GC86D); almost two years old and still going strong. The park it is in has a lot to see. "Double Decrypt" (GC21ED) is a good puzzle cache; you have to do some research to figure out where to go. More in your area, there are some much-hunted caches in Silverado and nearby areas. Too bad this hobby didn't exist when we lived in Riverside; oh, well.


BTW: if you are ever in Thousand Oaks, check out TRUROKR's "Temp Cache" (GC8F61): a marvelous camo-job icon_biggrin.gif

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If you feel like taking a longish drive on a Saturday or Sunday, I highly recommend taking a drive up to Santa Barbara for Cinco de Mayo. It's a fantastic multi-cache that takes you to some great places. While you're driving to the various legs of the cache, you can get a few others, too.


Worth the drive. icon_smile.gif





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I'm a bit greener in this hobby than you. But my favorite caches so far have been Vacman's Rhombic




But I've just discovered that it has been archived! icon_frown.gif


Another cache is the Zillion Dollar view



Both of these caches have a wonderful view of the coast.




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