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Please help me get GCWD06 back up after Erie Canal washout

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I am the owner of GCWD06 Pal-Mac 1 multicache near Rochester, NY.  I have no idea who to contact for help, so I am posting here.


The Erie Canal suffered a washout over the Winter and the Thruway Authority has closed the viaduct on which WP 1 was hidden since it is adjacent to the washed out overflow.  I don't expect them to reopen it anytime soon, since repairs are moving at the pace you might expect.  I managed to retrieve the WP container and rehide it on another structure in the immediate area, but it is something like 215 meters East of the old location.  When I try to edit the starting waypoint using a log entry I can't move it this far because it is over 161m.  What should I do?


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer,


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A reviewer can move the posted coordinates by more than 528 feet for good reasons.  Explain your situation to your local reviewer (Sapience Trek) in an email.  He may be willing to update the coordinates for you, depending on the details.


Alternatively you can leave your cache temporarily disabled for the duration of the repairs.  Be sure to post periodic updates every 1 to 3 months to let everyone know you continue to monitor the situation.

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2 hours ago, Jeep-O-Caching said:

Thanks, Keystone.  I don't know how to get in touch with the local reviewer you mentioned.  Is there a link someplace that I am missing?


if I may be so bold to answer your question...

You can search on the Dashboard -> Find Another Player:



If I test this for the reviewer (Sapience Trek) I get the profile page: https://www.geocaching.com/p/?guid=377bf765-70d7-4220-aec5-79919b7ae261

I would send an e-mail from there...

I hope this helps.

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Thanks to both Keystone and simon_cornelus for the helpful information.  I can certainly get in touch with that account now that I have the name and your advice on how to look them up.  I should have known I could've done this once Keystone gave me the name.  I still don't know how I would have found the name in the first place, but it looks like I have what I need to proceed.


Thanks to you both, and to Geocaching for providing this forum!


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