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CA. Geocoin?


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Would anyone be interested in helping me design a California Geocoin?


I see that Oregon, Texas, & Canada (along with the USA) have geocoins.


Since California is the most populated state, I think we should have a geocoin too.


I really don't know what the the start up cost would be. I sent www.pressedmetal.net requesting pricing information. They apparently minted the Oregon and USA geocoins. I have yet to hear back from them.


One side of the coin would be the already approved Geocaching.com logo. The design for the other side of the coin needs to be made. That is where I need people's help for a design idea.


My idea would be to a have a silhouette map of California in the back ground. The foreground would have the beach/ocean, mountains, & desserts with a geocacher (or possibly a couple or family) figure(s) walking towards some type of way point.


I have NO experience making such a type of picture (that would be need to submit to the minting company). Can someone help me out by making my idea into a picture and then post it here?


Also, if you have other design ideas, please post them here also. Maybe we can make a contest out of it.


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[Note: Second thread with same topic]


Yes, I'm very interested in a California Geo-coin.


While I wouldn't mind collecting So-Cal coins... I'm not interested in having them made up. In fact, the thought of splitting up our state is almost fighting words. So I ask, are you making a State Geo-Coin or not? The thread title implies you are.


As far as the from side of the coin, what's the required format? A digital image I'd guess. Do you have any reference URL's?


Like you, I'm also wondering what the investment would be. Pre-sales could take care of a large first order requirement - if required that is.


Bill of Green Achers


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Let's go with an ENTIRE California geocoin theme . I updated my original post (and dropped the Southern California theme mention). California is such a diverse state, so coming up with a design theme that captures the theme of the whole state will be a challenge.


As for the design, I suggest that people put it in a JPEG format and upload it to this thread.


When I visited the mint company web page, they would want some type of digital picture to go on.


I am totally clueless when it comes to URL and digit art type stuff. I will really need other's help for this part.


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."

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Thanks for the image post. We have have entry number 1 in the great California Geocoin design contest.


The way Green Archer uploaded the image it exactly how it needs to be done.


Let's get some more proposed designs posted here.


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."

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Below is a sketch I made as my entry in the California state quarter design contest (did not make the final cut...I don't claim to be a great artist) Perhaps it could work if someone who really knew what they were doing fixed it up.


The design combines symbols for the state itself as well as the people. Bottom left, middle top and bottom right represent the state flower, tree and bird. Top left is a gold pan representing the influx of '49ers. Bottom middle is an indian basket, representing the native, indigenous cultures. Top left is a bell from the 'El Camino Real', the path that the missionaries took as they established the California missions.




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If you guys are really interested in this you may want t ocontact Nurse Dave via his profile. I just found one of the Oregon Geocoins last night and it is awesome!!

He told me that he helped organize it's creation and that he's going to be moving to CA in the next few months.


He may be a GREAT resource to make this happen.


The coin is by far the coolest thing I've found so far.... icon_eek.gif

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I already have been in contact with Nurse Dave. He told me about him moving to Calfornia soon. He has already giving me some information and I definately plan to use him as as resourse in the future.


What we need is more design ideas. Two people have already posted a design, but we need a lot more.


So let post the JPEG designs.


Also, I finally heard back from www.pressedmetal.net (the company that minted Oregon and U.S.A. Geocoins). When I figure out how to post the JPEG file they sent me (which has the pricing and design details), it will give you an idea of the cost.


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."[/i]


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Anyone of these will do... the post important thing is to get one! I like the State Motto - Eureka too.smeureka.jpg Here's another choice which could be recreated if desired.




Bill of Green Achers


''Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!''

--Benjamin Franklin

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I think Bill is on the right track with the design idea. I definitely like the CA. state motto "The Golden State" idea. I also think the design should have a map silhouette of California in the background. Now all we need is some design details to put over the silhouette of the map. Like my first post, maybe it can have details of the ocean, mountains, and the desert with a geocacher (or a family of geocachers) walking towards some way point flag.


Who out there has the ability to create a rough draft sketch of my idea and put it into a JPEG format? I certain don't.

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I'm very interested in seeing a CA geocoin happen. I think that just having a silouette of the state with "The Golden State" and "Eureka" will be good. "Eureka" plays really well into the geocaching theme. The picture should not get too complicated. To much detail is probably not a good thing.


So, what will it take to get a sample of each side of the coin? I'm willing to help where I can...



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here's my thoughts.


1. like the golden state theme with eureka. could add parts or all of the Groundspeak emblem???


2. Why only one coin? why not have 2 or 4 versions to make a set? if you do two, each one could have a part of a phrase or secret code, or coordinates to a cache placed in the middle of the state. you would have to get both coins to get the coordinates.


count me in on help with this project


Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

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We are now are on the right track. ErnieModesto's design is the best one submitted so far. Let's get a few more designs submitted then we can start a forum on-line poll.


Way to go ErnieModesto!


The Dillon Gang's idea of 2 to 4 versions of a coin with some coordinates on it that would lead to a cache site definitely has some merit. That would set the CA. Geocoin apart from other states that have coins. Though how would we choose the cache site? Does anyone know where the first cache in CA. was placed? Is it still there? That might be a good place. Or maybe someone can figure out where is the geological N/S E/W dead center of the state is and place a cache there (assuming its not in someone's backyard or the middle of a freeway - which is probably likely).


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."

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Originally posted by ErnieModesto:



I worked on an idea for this today. Luckily I work at a school site so I was able to "hide" it on a stdent page.


This may help the process along.



Hey, Why not. I like it. It's the best so far. Would better be any better? [thinking out loud].



Bill of Green Achers


''All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.''

--Lily Tomlin

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Originally posted by The Dillon Gang:

okay, since you got me going....here is the info with exact coordinates to the spot:


37 degrees 9' 58.23" N

119 degrees 26' 58.29" W


Here's the website that tells all:



Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Here's the front

icon_biggrin.gif But I am wondering if there's a cache there yet. I can see there's a road. Hummmmm


Bill of Green Achers


''All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.''

--Lily Tomlin

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There appears to be a traditional catch already placed at the Center of California (actually 150 feet away from the actual center). The name is called "El Centro" at www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9a891a81-ed82-44a6-9a9e-1ab2b52d22fe]www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9a891a81-ed82-44a6-9a9e-1ab2b52d22fe]www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=9a891a81-ed82-44a6-9a9e-1ab2b52d22fe


The fact that there is already a cache there might complicate things. Unless we can convince the cache owner to sign on to our coin idea.


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."


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I like Modesto's design except for these ideas: Bird and flower gone, Cactus moved down and Trees moved up, and I think the idea of a family or person holding a box in the air in victory would be cool! I don't like the idea of the California state seal either. But I do like the co-ordinate ideas (the center of the state is a great idea if possible). Just my input, hope it doesn't offend anyone icon_smile.gif

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I think we have the shape of a coin being made:


- ErnieModesto's latest version looks pretty good.


- Hey Modesto, can you make a version with a person/family holding a cache or near some type of flag? Also, not being picky, but can you make the trees look like the Giant Redwoods? Finally, should we put "California" and/or "The Golden State" on the coin?


- Here is a link to a page that has a pictures of virtually all the geocoins made (State, Country and personal). We might get some good ideas.



- Having the coordinates on the coin I think is a really cool idea. It would definitely set this coin apart from any other geocoin made. I think we can lobby to get the center of the state for some type of cache site (possibly some type of virtual cache, but a real cache would be nice). Do we want to just put the whole coordinates on one coin or have partial coordinates on 2, 3, or 4 versions of the coin?


- I am going to email the SoCalAdmin and Hemlock to get their input on this coin and see what they think about the Center of the State idea.


- Lastly, do we want to put some type of tracking number on the coin (like a travel bug)? If yes, someone would have to make some type of tracking coin web page (like they did for the Oregon Geocoin - www.cogeo.org/).

- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."

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Are you keeping a list of people to contact when this is ready?

I would love to be on that list.


Here's my two cents:

Keep it simple. I would like to see these ordered this month so we can place them in time for Christmas :-) I'm afraid that the more the idea hashes the longer it's going to take and I would hate to see it die and not happen.


That being said. I would say contact the owner of the Central CA cache and ask them if we can make it the 'honarary CA cache'.

Stick with a simple layout (CA outline and 1 or 2 add-ins). I personally like "The Golden State" because it's a gold colored coin, but hey that's me.


I personally will use these to leave as trade items/gifts and not TB. I think coins have a tendency to be kept anyway and you could always either drill a hole in the coin for the dogtag or possible request that the company making them make a hole. Would eliminate the need to another tracking site, etc. (but would of course add to the cost of your TB by adding in a GC dogtag).


Bottom line:

I want to get in on this and would like to see it happen quickly. I commend you for taking the lead on this. Now, let's make it happen icon_biggrin.gif

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I'll add my two cents...


The design is getting better. Thanks for all the work you have done.


I don't "get" the coordinates idea. If I saw the coordinates and knew nothing about the conversation of this forum, I wouldn't understand what they represented. And it also makes me think that we're only pointing to the one cache that may or may not be at those coordinates. If you insist on having the coordinates, then a brief explanation next to them would be in order, such as, "geographical center of state" or some such.


Should you have an exclamation point after Eureka?


You might also put a border around the other side of the coin as you do on the Eureka side.


Thanks again!


-Fy of TeamJiffy

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We are coming so close to a final coin design.


I definately like the Dillons Gang's Geocaching.com logo with the Calfornia Bear.


I still like Modesto's version for the other side. Though the Dillon Gang's design has some merit. Maybe combining the best of the two.


I like where the Dillon Gang put the words for "Eureka" on one side and "The Golden State" and "California" on the other side. I still like Modesto's graphics of the trees, cactus, water and mountains.


Still think we need a design that has a some type of waypoint flag or person/family near a cache (when with the coordinates near that graphic).

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Like TeamJiffy, the coordinates alone don't tell me anything. I would just prefer not to have any at all. I also agree on adding an inner ring on the front side.


On Modesto's design I would remove Eureka, because I like the design from Dillon.


Would we like to also see The Golden Gate bridge represented. Possibly something to represent LA/Hollywood like the older movie camera?


About tracking the coins, TPTB as SoCal geocachers have said that they will create a tracking program.

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If you havea dialogue with TPTB, you should run the design by them right now. The last I heard we were not allowed to modify the logo at all. Previous versions of modified logos were grandfathered in.


Just want to save some frustration in designing something that we can't use.

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I agree that just having the coordinates without any explanation (about it being the center of the state) would be a little odd, but I want this CA. Geocoin to set apart from any other geocoin made. Somehow we have brainstorm to make those coordinates meaningful. Whatever design we finally decide on, I would really want the Center of the State coordinates to stay.


I was also thinking that a graphic of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign would be nice for the coin (those two symbols certainly represent the state, but the we don't want the coin too crowded with graphics. Can someone make jpeg version with the Golden Gate Bridge and The Hollywood sign along with the other graphics with best of Modesto's & the Dillon Gang's version? I would also like to see a version of a person, family, or waypoin flag near the center of the state. Then we can decide if the coin is getting too over loaded.


**THANK YOU to all of you who have posted designs! I have zero skills in art design.


It is a good point about seeing if we can tinker with the design of the Geocaching logo (have the California Bear would be nice). It is very possible we might not. The last two big coins made, the Oregon & USA geocoins have the the same exact Geocaching logo on the back. I have an email contact person from Ground speak, I will contact him about that.


I am really not sure if we should have these coins numbered. Having numbers (and a tracking site) would encourage these coins to keep circulating. Though people might just hold on to them away (because they look so nice). If we do have them numbered, I am not so sure if the coins should be tracked on the SoCal Geocaching site. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against SoCal Geocaching (I am from San Diego), but some people, particularly from the northern half of the state, might perceive that this coin is just a Southern CA. coin, which it is not.


Keep in mind, that with all these suggestions, we will never all agree with every aspect of the coin design. I really think a combination of Modesto's & the Dillon Gang's version, with some refinement, is the way to go. So this thread does not drag on, how about setting a deadline of Sept. 25th for the final design?


- Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears


"To me, Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and going to neat places (you might not go otherwise); it's NOT what you actually find in a cache."

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less is more.....occum's razor-the simplest is the best.....


personally i think that the coin is getting too cluttered. while its nice to think about all the great points of the state, ie, golden gate, hollywood, monterey, la, sandiego, sacramento the capital...the list goes on, combine that with the catus, sailboat, mountains, trees and there is not much left of coin.


these coins are small...not the size of a silver dollar. detail will be very small if we try to include all these pictures.


Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

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If the coin represents the whole state, why are we disproportionately honoring its center by prominently featuring those coordinates? icon_smile.gif


I'm not that fond of tracking coins as bugs. Travel bugs meet all of my object tracking needs, and frankly those only stayed fun for a little while. Travelers disappear, and coins that get a few miles on them start to look pretty beat-up anyway. With the new geocoins, people keep posting the # as an identifier ("Left coin #10xxx"), which opens them up to fake logs and such. I really don't think official numbering and tracking is worth the trouble. I suspect it would be cheaper to get the coins minted without individual numbering as well.

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Hey folks just caught up on this thread and may have some helpful input. You guys are correct, you are not allowed to modify the geocaching.com logo at ALL. That is exactly why the USA and Oregon geocoins have exactly the same back side. This is the design die that is free to use and has been approved by the Groundspeak lawyers. You can get permission for use from Groundspeak.


Another note about multiple designs. The coins themselves are pretty cheap once you get a few people involved. Like less than $1.50 plus shipping and numbering and stuff like that. The die charge is at least $140 per die though. So if you are going to do three different designs you're adding $420 to the cost of the first order.


Also on the Oregon geocoins we added a space where the numbers so. Then people could decide if they wanted to pay for numbering on their coins or not. It's .25 a coin. Although almost everyone got it that way. And even if someone keeps your coin, it's neat to see who has it. I even supplied little baggies for each coin with stickers printed with the link to the tracking page.


Anyway, good progress folks. It took us about 3 months from begining design to get the final coins.


---Real men cache in shorts.

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hey, I'm one of the lucky guys to have one of Nurse Dave's coins and they are great! I'll stick to my statement about a simple coin as well but I'm going to buy them regardless of what ends up being on them.


I would say though that 1 design would be best. Let's keep the cost to a minimum.


Thanks for setting a deadline.


How about coming up with 2 versions and then polling the group here on the final design?


I know what I'm getting my wife for Xmas icon_razz.gif

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For what it's worth I think Green Achers was onto something with the state in the middle and mountains to the upper right and ocean stuff to the lower left. You could leave a little space at the top for the numbering box if you want numbers. BTW the numbering box has to be raised as high as the highest level on the coin.


And not living there yet I don't know how important "Eureka" is but it would probably be nice to have "California" on there somewhere. What if people take them overseas? Think big here folks icon_smile.gif


---Real men cache in shorts.

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Good point. I can see these coins ending up in a lot of places. I love the mountains and ocean idea (maybe because I live in the mountains and live 10 minutes from the beach).


If you really want to represent both N. Cal and S. Cal you could put the Golden Gate top right of the state and the Hollywood sign bottom left. Both represent their respective part of the state well.


2 cents...

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dillion Gang (et all),


I love the design of side 1. Any little comment on it would to maybe remove the outer ring. Otherwise - i love it as-as!


Side 2, to keep things easy and cheaper I would stick with the standard of the other GeoCoins (and to keep them standardized).


Everybody chime in, but I really like this design for the state outline side!!

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