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Adopting and relocating a cache

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I recently went to look for a Trading post Cache on a hill with a Trig stone on it that unfortunately has had a wind turbine located very near by in the last couple of years .this is accessed by a private lane and permission was granted to visit the site but in recent years the owner has been getting a lot of bother with people going up to the turbine and has decided that the site is now out of bounds and has erected trespassers prosecuted signs all over the place so the original owner of the cache has asked me to adopt the cache and relocate it .

  I have now adopted the cache but would like to rename it but give credit to its present name and previous owner ,it will be moved about 3km from where it was to an area where there is no caches for 10 or 15km ,do i just submit its new name and new co-ordinates for review .


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Moving the coordinates of a published cache by more than .1 miles can only be done by a Community Volunteer Reviewer.  You can write to your Reviewer to request this change, by sending them an email from their profile page.  What you will hear back: 

  1. The existing cache should be archived.  The area is now off-limits.
  2. You should submit a new cache page for review at the new location.  It is a new location and a new experience. 

I see very little point in your adopting the cache.  Finders of the previous cache on the hill with a Trig stone will want to remember that experience, so don't alter it.

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I think you're missing a point here.


Don't conflate a cache and it's container.


That's like equating your vacation experience to the luggage you carried. Containers get swapped out all the time, and unless the container is different enough to make it a new experience, it's the same 'cache'.


You may have adopted the cache, but the cache you adopted is in an unpermissable place. It should be archived. Period. It's lifecycle has come around. 


You ALSO have physical possession of A container that just happened to have been used for that old cache.


You can create a new cache in a new location, and use the old container to house the new cache's logbook.


You should not "relocate the cache" for many reasons, first and foremost being that people have found it.


For example, let's say that the orig location is at the intersection of First Street and Avenue A.


If I had found it in its original location, my history would say that I found a cache at First & A, and my map smiley would show there.


If you take that original cache listing, with the same page and GC number and relocate it 3km away to 20th Street and Ave Z, then my history would NOW show that I found a cache way over in another part of the city!  NOT TRUE! Never been there!


As Keystone said, it's a new cache in a new location and most importantly, it's a new experience.


Archive the old cache listing.    Create your own new cache listing.    Reuse the old container and collect Favorite Points for YOUR creative work.

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I understand just new to the hobby / sport  . I know i have to submit a new cache for review and get a new GC number and page and its a new experience for everyone ,but can i link the new cache in any way to the old one ie in a part of the name or the original CO , Will archive and start it from anew anyway and thanks for the info .At least it will be a chance for someone to get a new FTF .


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