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Amtrak trips and Geocaching

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I took my first Amtrak trip from New Orleans, LA to Memphis, TN.  I love the Amtrak trip and enjoy Memphis.  I was able to find four geocaches in Memphis.  


I was wondering if there are any towns or cities that Amtrak stops in that I should consider going to for Geocaching?  Either to do a Geotour, find a really cool Geocache, or because there are plenty of Geocaches in the town/city.  

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33 minutes ago, GeoElmo6000 said:

So are you looking for geocaches near Amtrak stations?  Because once you get off the train you'll still have to get to the cache and back of course.  The few GeoTours I've seen are pretty spread out.  What's your plan for navigating around the destination?

I know when I was in Memphis, TN, I did take a Uber to Shelby Farms Park to do some Geocaching there (I found four in Memphis, three of them was at Shelby Farms Park).  I am glad I did because I got to see some bison for the first time (they were a whole lot bigger than what I thought they would be).  If it wasn't for Geocaching, I would never known that there was bison at the Shelby Farms Park.    


I could rent a car if I am planning on doing a Geotour.  Another option is that I am willing to take Uber to an area that have a lot of Geocaches or an area that have something interesting that goes with the Geocache.  

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I am more of a box in the woods kind of cacher.   I have some favorite parks that have a lot of caches in them.  St. Edward's park has this and other caches:  GC10C9P PRA7-2 (Traditional Cache) in Texas, United States created by Bentley121 (geocaching.com)


Emma Long has this and other caches.  GCJNAC Wanted: The Outlaw! in Emma Long Park (Traditional Cache) in Texas, United States created by Moosiegirl (geocaching.com)  Looks like there are some recent DNFs on that but the view is a nice one.  Emma Long is in town but it is a bit of a drive but it is still in town.  


If you click the "Find....all nearby caches" from those pages you can get an idea.


I wouldn't advise going after these caches from now until at least September, though, unless you have a high tolerance for heat.  Being in Louisiana, you might.


I haven't actually done any "Geotours" so I can't speak to that. 

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We took the train to Portland OR awhile back.  They have a great transit system that can get you most places in town.  Washington Park is a neat place.  One great virtual is "One For the Little People" GCA4BC - it takes you to the smallest park in the world.  Check out caches by 'goblindust' (also up the I-5 corridor to Seattle and over to Bremerton), he has some great gadget caches.

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