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Website interruption?

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Is there something wrong with the website at the moment?
It's really slow and keeps logging me out.
While writing this I got kicked out again and now it's not allowing me to login at all


GMT+01:00 14:18

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I"m having the same problem.  Site was running slow, logged me out and now can't log back in.  Receive the error 

Your password or username/email is incorrect 


Of course I'm using the correct username/password combo.  

I believe a problem very similar to this one surfaced a few months ago.



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1 minute ago, Frau Potter said:

Geocaching.com is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Our engineers are working on it. Thank you for your patience.


Just came here to check, thanks!  Hopefully there won't be too many sad dads today!

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Yes it's now gone from very slow to STOP.  It's kicked me out and WON'T let me log back in, telling me that my username and/or password are incorrect (which they're not).  Let's hope it's fixed quickly.

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2 minutes ago, Scook said:

I ended up having to change my Password to log back in.

My original log-in would not work.

Darn, I've only used the same log-in password for the past 20 years (Charter Member)

Many years ago there was a sitewide issue with passwords. Everyone got that same message but eventually it got straightened out. I was thinking I was losing my mind, wondering why the same password I had always used was now not correct. 😁


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